FERC Order No. 1920: Planning for the Transmission System of Tomorrow

How High Fixed Charges Will Burden Northern Nevadans

Charting California’s Gas Infrastructure Transition

Policy and Progress: The State Fleet Roadmap to Zero-Emission Vehicles

The (United) AABE Experience: Encouraged, Enlightened, Empowered, and Inspired

How State Policies and Regulatory Support Will Help ‘Solar For All’ Succeed

NESCOE and ISO-NE Trailblaze on Transmission Planning and Procurement Ahead of FERC Ruling

Wrapping Up Maryland’s 2024 Legislative Session: Big Wins and Opportunities for the Advanced Energy Industry

New Study Touts the Benefits of Virtual Power Plants in California

Keys of Certainty to Accelerating (and Improving) Offshore Wind Project Permits

Applying Lessons Learned From the Big Dig in Boston to the Clean Energy Transition

What Colorado’s First-Ever Gas Infrastructure Plan Teaches Us About Gas Planning

Welcoming New Additions to our Boards of Directors

Advanced Energy United Testifies in Support of Bill To Create a 100% Clean Electricity by 2035 Standard in New Jersey

Accelerating Massachusetts' Clean Energy Transition through Transmission

New Report Shows Most RTOs Struggling with Generator Interconnection

Michigan at a Crossroad: Charting a Future for Affordable Heating

Maryland Legislation Aims to Support Grid Readiness, Electric Vehicles, and Building Decarbonization

Creating a Better Process for Arizona’s Integrated Resource Plans

Introducing ‘Transmission Possible’: A New Campaign to Break the Gridlock and Advance New Transmission Policies

A Call for Parity Between Gas and Electric Utility Planning Processes

Texas’ ADER Task Force Makes Progress on VPPs, Challenges Remain

Paving the Road for EVs: Getting Our Power Grid EV-Ready

Outdated Energy Laws are Costing New Yorkers Hundreds of Millions Each Year

AABE’s Energy Policy Summit Focuses on Expedient & Equitable Implementation

United Calls on Nevada PUC to Reject NV Energy’s Latest IRP Amendment

Report: Saving Hoosiers Money on Indiana’s Vehicle Fleet

The 2023 State of the Building Energy Transition – A Year of Reckoning

Building for the Future Through Improved Transmission Planning & Cost Allocation

New York Officials Make Progress Towards a Zero Emissions Transportation System

Open Letter to Western Energy Leaders on Utilities’ Day-Ahead Market Study

Michigan Sets Path for Decarbonized Power System

Advanced Energy United Testifies to Pennsylvania House Committee on Establishing an Electric School Bus Grant Program

Large-Scale Energy Storage Drives Advanced Electricity Delivery & Management Growth

Rhode Island Report Recognizes Benefits of Energy Storage, but Falls Short on Action

Collaborating to Build a Roadmap for a Stronger Advanced Energy Industry

Advanced Electricity Generation Segment Boosted by Investment in Solar, Hydropower Markets

The Interconnection Process Explained

Amidst Record Heat and Energy Demand, We Look Ahead to 2023’s Energy Efficiency Day

A Toolkit to Help Make the Most of the Federal Home Energy Rebates

NJ Utilities Should Bring Ambition to Efficiency and Demand Management

Unpacking FERC Order No. 2023’s Implications for Interconnection Reform

Transmission Congestion: The Hidden Cost to Consumers of our Aging Infrastructure

Energy Efficiency Reforms Stall in Texas as the Grid Staggers Under Record Demand

Smart Technology Drives Growth in Advanced Building Efficiency Segment

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Misses Opportunity to Expand Advanced Energy Markets

Advanced Energy United Hosts Candidate Education Across the Virginia Commonwealth

What Will It Take to Electrify California’s Buildings?

A Discussion on Unleashing the Promise of the Inflation Reduction Act

Advanced Transportation Dominates Energy Segment Worldwide in 2022

SEEM Deemed Insufficient by D.C. Circuit Court, Sending Ruling Back to FERC

Discussing the Future of Distributed Energy Resources at the Public Utility Commission of Texas

Delivering A Transmission Playbook to New England Governors

Despite COVID-19, Advanced Energy Revenue Soars Across Sectors

United Together, The Advanced Energy Industry Is Stronger Than The Sum of Its Parts

Introducing the Advanced Energy Now 2023 Market Report

States Take the Baton in Race to Improve Electric Transmission

A Lone Star Showdown: What Was Decided By the 88th Legislative Session, and What It Means for Texas' Advanced Energy Sector

United and Members Visit Capitol Hill to Talk Permitting Reform

Energized for success (at AABE): it’s time!

New York's Clean Energy Goals are Being Undermined by Utilities’ Gas Infrastructure Investments

Recent Funding for Reuse and Recycling Companies Points to Positive Outlook for Circular Advanced Energy Economy

Inflation Reduction Act Unlocks Savings for Utilities - and Consumers - that Choose Clean Energy Over Gas

A Green Light For Green Trucks: Colorado Enacts Advanced Clean Trucks Rule

Maryland Goes Big on Offshore Wind and Electric Transmission

United Joins Member Companies in Calling on Congress to Include Critical Transmission Funding in FY 2024 Budget

Electric Vehicle Day 2023 in Florida’s Capitol

Without Interconnection Reform, the Pace of the Energy Transition is at Risk

What to Watch in the Energy System in 2023 (and Beyond) Part 7: Reliability, Resilience, Resource Adequacy, and Risk

What to Watch in the Energy System in 2023 (and Beyond) Part 6: Equity and Environmental Justice Take Center Stage

What to Watch in the Energy System in 2023 (and Beyond) Part 5: Accelerated Development and Looming Concerns

What to Watch in the Energy System in 2023 (and Beyond) Part 4: Buildings Transform, Too

What to Watch in the Energy System in 2023 (and Beyond) Part 3: The Wheels Are in Motion

What to Watch in the Energy System in 2023 (and Beyond) Part 2: The Grid in Transition

What to Watch in the Energy System in 2023 (and Beyond) Part 1: The IRA Effect

What to Watch in the Energy System in 2023 (and Beyond): Introduction

Michigan Gov Whitmer Proposes Substantial Investments in Advanced Energy in State Budget

Advanced Energy Resources are Best to Tackle Nevada’s Emerging Grid Challenges

Charging toward the EV transition. Part 1.

Charging toward the EV transition. Part 2.

Charging toward the EV transition. Part 3.

We’re United! And More Excited Than Ever About the Power of Advanced Energy

People are Talking about a Western Grid

Election 2022: More Wins Than Losses for Advanced Energy

How Can States Make the Most of IRA? We Have Guides for That

Pilot Project Will Reward DER Owners for Aiding the Texas Grid

Our Clean Energy Future Needs a Bigger, Better Electric Grid. AEE Aims to Make It a Reality.

The Future of Heat in Buildings Has Policymakers Reconsidering How We Plan Natural Gas Infrastructure

Advanced Energy Provides Job Opportunities for All

With the Advanced Energy Transition Top of Mind This Election Cycle, AEE Engages with Candidates in Key Races

Enel Vice President Joins AEE’s Board of Directors

Here’s What a Regional Electricity Market Could Do For Nevada’s Economy

On #EEDay2022, Even More Reason to Put Energy Efficiency to Work

The Queue is Jammed. How Can FERC Get More Renewables Connected to the Grid?

Getting More from Less with Demand-Side Resources

AEE Joins White House Celebration of Inflation Reduction Act

California Wraps Up Legislative Session Focused on Energy Reliability

On this Labor Day, We Celebrate Advanced Energy Jobs Today, and Those to Come

Lessons from MISO on Transmission Planning for a Changing Grid

As Industrial Policy, the Inflation Reduction Act Will Reshape the Economy

Virginia Offshore Wind Project Gets Go-Ahead, with Ratepayer Protections

California Shouldn’t Wait 25 Years for Electric School Buses

What Would a Regional Electricity Market Do for the West? Plenty

Arizona Win Shows How Red and Blue States Can Greenlight Electric School Buses

Top 5 Utility Regulatory Trends of 2022 – So Far

For Domestic Manufacturing of Advanced Energy Technologies, DPA was Just a Start

For Resilience, Texas Needs Distributed Energy Resources

Leaders at SunPower, Pattern Energy, and Microsoft Join AEE Board of Directors

Top 10 State Legislative Issues of 2022

Making Hydrogen a Matter of Principle(s)

Accelerating Electric School Bus Adoption: A Close Look at Arizona, Florida, and Texas

A Cost-Allocation Win in New York for Distributed Energy Resources

By Electrifying Government Vehicles, States are Leading by Example

A Win for Electric School Buses in the Empire State

With Fossil Fuel Plants Overvalued, It’s Time to Get Capacity Right

For True Security from Dictators, America Needs to Become the Arsenal of Clean Energy

At Policy ‘Bootcamp,’ Nevada Governor Commits to Electric Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Recapping a Chaotic Legislative Session in Richmond

Transmission Buildout Requires State as Well as Federal Engagement

Key Capture CEO Joins AEE Board of Directors

‘Factbook’ shows advanced energy powered through 2021

How to Prepare the Distribution System for DER Participation in Wholesale Markets

Rising Prices Got You Down? Advanced Energy is the Answer

State Policy Preview: Investing Federal Funds, Reaching State Clean Energy Goals

In PJM, Renewable Energy Projects Are Getting Stuck

States Need to Get Ready for EV Infrastructure Dollars

The Future of Gas Heats Up in Nevada

Florida Legislators Hear About Jobs and EVs from AEE

Nevada’s grid of the future should be part of an RTO

New Year, New Texas Grid?

AEE's Staff Favorites of 2021

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2021

Infrastructure Act Funding for School Bus Electrification Will Have Economic Impact

Top 6 Legislative Trends of 2021

In California, Net Metering is Changing. Will It Be for Better or Worse?

Moving the Chains Toward 100% Clean Energy in the States

Price, Size, Range: Finding an EV for me – or them

Budget Dominated California’s Legislative Session, With Clean Transportation a Winner

Less Really is More When It Comes to Energy

SETRI Takes Initiative to Boost Electric Transportation in the Southeast

For Advanced Energy – and the Economy – the Time to ‘Build Back Better’ is Now

Anatomy of an Advanced Energy Win – This Time, in Illinois

Colorado is Poised to Boost DERs Through Distribution System Planning

Every Day, Advanced Energy Equals Good American Jobs

Does the U.S. Have What It Takes to Rule Electric Transportation? You Bet

How the U.S. Could Profit from the Coming Battery Boom

ISO New England is Facing MOPR, Market & Transmission, and Governance Reform. What’s at Stake for Advanced Energy? Lots

NEWS: Heat Wave-Induced Energy Crisis Spotlights Need for a Western RTO

Celebrating EV Charging in Orlando

MOPR Rollback Proposal Heads to FERC

In Michigan, DTE Settlement Gives Customers Better Green Pricing Options

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2021 – So Far

Colorado Takes the Lead in Advanced Energy Legislative Progress

Experts Dive Into Offshore Wind, EV Infrastructure, and Creating an Equitable Advanced Energy Workforce

How to Turn $1 in Infrastructure Investment into $6 of Economic Impact? Spend It on Advanced Energy

Manufacturing Our Way to Advanced Energy Prosperity

What Order 2222 Could Mean for Customers – and What Grid Operators are Doing About It

ELECTRICITY DELIVERY & MANAGEMENT: Energy Storage Takes Off, On Grid and in Microgrids

Arizona’s Clean Energy Rules Are Back on Track – But Derailment Is Still a Danger

ADVANCED INDUSTRY: Energy Management, CHP Drive Market Growth

For AEE, an Indiana Legislative Session with Real Progress and Minimal Setbacks

ADVANCED FUEL DELIVERY: Following a Monumental Year for EV Charging Infrastructure, Technology Innovation

A Stormy Post-Crisis Legislative Session Yields Wins for Advanced Energy in Texas

Electrification Could Happen in a New York Minute. If It Does, New York Stands to Gain in Jobs and Economic Growth.

ADVANCED FUEL PRODUCTION: Ethanol Drops Sharply as Hydrogen Gets a New Look

Top 10 State Legislative Issues of 2021

ADVANCED ELECTRICITY GENERATION: Wind Powers 10% Revenue Growth in 2020

With Two Weeks Left in Session, ‘New Energy Economy Act’ Sets Up Nevada for Success

ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION: 2020’s Fastest Growing Market Segment is Driven by Sales of Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Colorado Transportation Bill Paves the Way for Electric Transportation

BUILDING EFFICIENCY: Residential Energy Efficiency, Smart Appliances Drive 5% Growth in U.S.

With Senate Approval and Early Success in the House, Colorado Bill Promises Modern Grid and Regional Market

OVERVIEW: U.S. Advanced Energy Revenue Showed Growth in Advanced Vehicles, Building Efficiency, Storage, Wind Energy

With Election Coming, Virginia AEE Engages with Candidates for Governor, Attorney General

Electrified Transportation is a Classic California Success Story. Can the State Stay in the Driver’s Seat?

NEWS: Solar Sees Record Growth, Offshore Wind Gets Going, Electric Vehicles Hit the Mainstream, and more

Here’s How Illinois Can Capitalize on Electric Vehicle Growth

At 3.2 Million Workers, Advanced Energy Jobs Are On the Rebound and Ready to Take Off

Illinois Legislators Learn How Renewables, Energy Efficiency, and EVs Drive Economic Growth

After Grid Outages from Winter Storms, the Texas Legislature Faces a Blizzard of Bills. Here’s How to Track Them.

In the Southeast U.S., Is SEEM What It Seems, or More Utility Monopoly?

In Indiana Battle Over Self-Commitment, Did Money-Losing Plants Win This Round? Not Entirely

Is It a New Day for Advanced Energy in D.C.? Here’s What Industry Experts Say

Virginia Sets Out on Epic Journey Toward Electric Transportation

U.S. Postal Service Misses Delivery in Order for ‘Next Gen’ Vehicles

Here’s How to ‘Build Back Better’ with Advanced Energy Investment

Annual BCSE Factbook Shows Advanced Energy Stood the Test of COVID

Virginia Clean Economy Act Faces Critical Test in Dominion RPS Filing

ERCOT Cold-Weather Blackouts Point to the Need for More Advanced Energy

In Arizona, an All-Out Assault on the ACC’s Clean Energy Rules

To Unlock More Corporate Advanced Energy Procurement, Look to RTOs and ISOs

Adding it All Up for Voluntary Buyers of Renewable Energy

Nevada Should Join the EV Fleet Bandwagon

Time to Stop Sticking Hoosiers with the Bill for Running Coal Plants at a Loss

In Texas, Tesla Could Be Just the Start of Something Big

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2020

MOPR and More: Where the Minimum Offer Price Rule and Related Measures Stand Going Into 2021

A Nevada Legislative Committee Leads the Conversation on a Western Wholesale Energy Market

Thanks to Fleet Orders and New Models, Trucks Are Poised to Drive U.S. Electric Vehicle Adoption

How Advanced Energy Companies Can Navigate RTOs/ISOs to Business Success



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