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E&E News: Western power market plan would reshape grid oversight

Posted by Jason Plautz on Apr 12, 2024

E&E News reports on the key takeaways from the highly anticipated West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative proposed framework that could help create a new electricity market. The article quotes United's Brian Turner on the progress Nevada and Colorado are making in joining an RTO. 

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New Report Touts Benefits of VPPs in California

Posted by Caroline Grace on Apr 11, 2024

Virtual power plants can provide opportunities for Californians to deliver power back into the grid

SACRAMENTO, CA— A new study from Brattle Group evaluates the potential of five different consumer technologies that could improve California’s electricity grid.

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E&E News: ‘Virtual power plants’ poised to grab California market share — study

Posted by Brian Dabbs on Apr 11, 2024

E&E News reports on a new study from the Brattle Group that finds that Virtual Power Plants can serve more than 15 percent of peak electricity demand in California. The article quotes United's Edson Perez uplifting the benefits VPPs have to offer. 

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RTO Insider: Western RTO Group Floats Independence Plan for EDAM, WEIM

Posted by Robert Mullin on Apr 11, 2024

RTO Insider reports on the West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative’s highly anticipated straw proposal. The article quotes United's Leah Rubin Shen applauding the decision and building on CAISO's Energy Imbalance Market and Extended Day-Ahead Market

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Clean Energy Business Representatives Applaud Proposal from West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative

Posted by Caroline Grace on Apr 10, 2024

Western Regional Electricity Market Progress Continues to be Made 

Today, the West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative Launch Committee released a straw proposal that outlines a plan to establish an independent entity to oversee Western markets, building on the California Independent System Operator’s (CAISO) Western Energy Imbalance Market (WEIM) and extended day-ahead market (EDAM). Clean energy industry representatives from Advanced Energy United, Pattern Energy, and Enel North America applauded the proposal, which will help advance efforts to build a regional transmission organization (RTO) in the West. 

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Topics: Wholesale Markets, Press Releases, Leah Rubin Shen, Western RTO, California

Grid-Enhancing Technologies Bill Passed in Virginia

Posted by Savannah Gribbins on Apr 6, 2024

H.B. 862, a bill to advance grid-enhancing technologies, was signed into law last night by Gov. Glenn Youngkin

RICHMOND, VA – Last night, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed a grid-enhancing technologies bill into law after it passed the General Assembly with bipartisan support. H.B. 862, proposed by Del. Phil Hernandez and endorsed by national business association Advanced Energy United, will improve grid reliability and increase the capacity of the existing grid to keep up with the Commonwealth’s growing energy needs. 

The bill requires that electric utilities in the state consider grid-enhancing technologies (GETs), a suite of technological upgrades that could add 30-40% more capacity to the current grid and save the Commonwealth money on grid congestion costs, in the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) process.  

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Utility Dive: Bonneville staff backs joining SPP’s Markets+ day-ahead market over CAISO alternative

Posted by Ethan Howland on Apr 5, 2024

Utility Dive reports on the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)'s recommendation to join Southwest Power Pool’s Markets+ initiative instead of the California Independent System Operator’s planned day-ahead market. The article quotes United's Leah Rubin Shen, who classifies BPA's decision as premature due to the ever-changing landscape.

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Topics: United In The News, Leah Rubin Shen, Western RTO

Power Grid International: Maryland Passes Bi-directional EV Charging Law

Posted by Sean Wolfe on Apr 4, 2024

Power Grid International reports on Maryland's new law requiring electric utility companies to allow vehicle-to-grid systems to interconnect to the state’s electric distribution network, quoting United's Nick Bibby on the significance of the passing in the state's effort to prepare its grid for electric vehicles.

The Maryland General Assembly has passed a law that would create a bidirectional EV charging program aimed at allowing EVs to not only draw power from the grid, but also supply electricity back, effectively turning EVs into mobile energy storage units.

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Topics: United In The News, Electric Vehicles, Maryland, Nick Bibby

Maryland General Assembly Passes First-of-its-Kind Bidirectional EV Charging Legislation

Posted by Savannah Gribbins on Apr 3, 2024

The DRIVE Act paves the way for advancements in electric vehicle and grid integration, and bolsters Maryland’s energy resiliency 

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The Distributed Renewable Integration and Vehicle Electrification (DRIVE) Act (H.B. 1256) was passed by the Maryland General Assembly last night and is now poised to modernize the state’s energy management and grid preparedness. Advanced Energy United, a national business association representing over 100 businesses including transmission developers, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, and charging infrastructure providers, gave written testimony in support of the legislation to the House Economic Matters Committee earlier this legislative session.  

“The DRIVE Act shows that Maryland is serious about getting its electric grid ready for an electrified future,” said Nick Bibby, Maryland State Lead for Advanced Energy United. “This legislation will help residents and businesses tap into the unique capabilities of clean energy resources and electric vehicles to lower energy costs and support the resiliency of the electric grid.” 

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Topics: Advanced Transportation, Press Releases, Electric Vehicles, Maryland, Nick Bibby

RTO Insider: EPA Issues Final Standards on Heavy-duty Truck Emissions

Posted by K Kaufman on Mar 31, 2024

RTO Insider reports on the U.S Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) final standards on heavy-duty truck emissions in the U.S. The article quoted United's Ryan Gallentine on the certainty the standards provide for truckmakers and fleet operators looking to move forward with vehicle and fleet electrification.

The final standards for greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty trucks, issued by EPA on March 29, attempt to strike a balance between environmental concerns about diesel fumes the trucks spew into the air and the economic and physical logistics of building out a zero-emission fleet and charging network.  

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