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RTO Insider: 2 New California Bills Could Accelerate Decarbonization

Posted by Ayla Burnett on Jul 7, 2024

RTO Insider reports on two California bills that could accelerate the state's decarbonization goals. United's Edson Perez states both bills are important steps that will pave the way for disadvantaged communities to access clean homes and indoor air as well as support grid reliability and affordability. 

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RTO Insider: Calif. Lawmakers Send $10B Climate Bond Measure to Nov. Ballot

Posted by Elaine Goodman on Jul 7, 2024

RTO Insider covers California lawmakers' recent approval of a $10 billion climate bond measure that will be placed on the November ballot. United's Edson Perez states the investment would strengthen the electricity grid’s reliability, flexibility and affordability, and prevent blackouts during extreme heat and wildfires. 

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Rhode Island Gov. McKee Signs Energy Storage Act into Law

Posted by Savannah Gribbins on Jun 27, 2024

Bill sponsors Sen. Euer and Rep. Handy join Advanced Energy United in applauding landmark moment for Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, RI – Last night, Governor Daniel McKee signed the 2024 Energy Storage Systems Act into law, a landmark moment in Rhode Island's journey to a 100% clean energy future. Led by Senator Dawn Euer and Representative Arthur Handy, the Act puts Rhode Island’s energy system in a strengthened position.

“Energy storage is flexible, reliable, affordable, and will be a game changer for Rhode Island’s power grid,” said Rhode Island State Lead Kat Burnham of national business association Advanced Energy United. “Investing in energy storage technologies will drive economic development and job creation in the clean energy sector.”

“The 2024 Energy Storage Systems Act isn't just about technology—it's about people. It's about creating good, steady jobs and making sure our communities have power when they need it,” said Rhode Island State Senator Dawn Euer. “Rhode Island is committed to a clean energy future and we’re showing how it's done.”

“Especially with the growing threat of extreme weather, this legislation will ensure we have the power we need, when we need it,” added Rhode Island State Representative Art Handy. “We're talking about dependable power, more jobs, and a cleaner environment for everyone. It's a big step forward for our state.”

In Rhode Island and across New England, the electricity system is undergoing a transition to clean energy. Flexible resources such as storage will be essential to deploy more renewable energy and meet future reliability needs. Energy storage is a mature technology that can reduce strain on the electric grid and create opportunities for ratepayer savings.

Key Features of the Energy Storage Systems Act: 

  • Storage Targets: Rhode Island sets goals of 90 megawatts of energy storage by 2026, 195 megawatts by 2028, and 600 megawatts by 2033.
  • Infrastructure Programs: The Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank will develop programs to facilitate energy storage adoption across all sectors.
  • Storage Procurements: Enables the RI Public Utility Commission to require distribution companies to procure cost-effective storage systems.

By signing the Energy Storage Systems Act (Senate Bill 2499 and House Bill 7811), policymakers are delivering on their commitments to grow Rhode Island’s clean economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Click here to learn more about Advanced Energy United's work advocating for clean energy solutions in Rhode Island and New England.

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Capitol Weekly: California Is Ignoring a Key Solution To Soaring Rates and Blackouts

Posted by Edson Perez on Jun 27, 2024

In an opinion column featured in Capitol Weekly, United's Edson Perez discusses how embracing DERs, including EVs and rooftop solar and storage, can provide significant resilience and cost savings for California's energy grid.

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The Nevada Independent: Why NV Energy Wants to Triple Northern Nevada’s Base Rates

Posted by Amy Alonzo on Jun 2, 2024

The Nevada Independent reports on NV Energy's proposed base service charge increase. If approved, NV Energy will have the highest fixed charge in the nation. Quoted in the article, United's Emilie Olson and Sheila Hallstrom speak out against the dangers of a fixed charge and how this will increase Nevadan's electricity bills.

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Virginia Mercury: Virginia Explained: Data Center Expansion, With All Its Challenges and Benefits

Posted by Charlie Paullin on May 28, 2024

Virginia Mercury reports on the prevalence of data centers that support artificial intelligence in Virginia quoting United's Kim Jemaine on the importance of grid-enhancing technologies to support the increase in power demand that data centers generate.

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Topics: State Policy, Virginia, United In The News, Kim Jemaine

Energy News Network: Advocates See Missed Opportunities as Virginia Lags Its Neighbors in Clean Energy Manufacturing

Posted by Elizabeth McGowan on May 28, 2024

Energy News Network reports on the growing gap between Virginia and its neighbors in clean energy manufacturing, quoting United's Kim Jemaine on the unlikelihood that Governor Youngkin will be able to support Virginia in catching up to other states in the Southeast.

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Topics: State Policy, Virginia, United In The News, Kim Jemaine

The Colorado Sun: With Colorado Governor’s Signature, the State’s Electric Utilities Now Must Invest in Upgrades for the Future

Posted by Emilie Olson on May 22, 2024

In an opinion column featured in The Colorado Sun, United's Emilie Olson advocates for Colorado Governor Jared Polis to sign Senate Bill 218, which would require state electric utilities to proactively and strategically invest in distribution grid updates and connect communities to clean energy efficiently and transparently.

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Topics: State Policy, United In The News, Colorado

City & State: NY's EV Wave is Coming. Are We Ready?

Posted by Kristina Persaud on May 20, 2024

In an opinion piece in City & State New York, United’s Kristina Persaud supports the passage of New York’s Build to Need legislation (S.9113), which aims to expedite and improve the planning and implementation of grid infrastructure upgrades in New York to support the growing demand for electric vehicle charging.

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Topics: State Policy, Advanced Transportation, United In The News, New York

Indiana Capital Chronicle: Indiana Needs Affordable, Reliable, Renewable Energy to Attract the 21st Century Gold Rush

Posted by Caryl Auslander on May 15, 2024

In an opinion piece featured in Indiana Capitol Chronicle, United's Caryl Auslander writes that Indiana is at a crossroads: to power the state with forward-looking advanced energy technologies or cling to inefficient, costly coal.

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