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The New York Times: A New Surge in Power Use Is Threatening U.S. Climate Goals

Posted by Brad Plumer and Nadja Popovich on Mar 14, 2024

The New York Times reports on a recent boom in electricity demand in the U.S. that is putting pressure on conventional gas power plants, quoting United's CEO and President Heather O'Neill on the variety of options available for utilities to meet rising demand.

Critics say that regulated utilities often default to building gas plants because it’s a familiar technology and because, in many states, they earn a guaranteed profit from capital projects. They don’t always have the same incentive to adopt energy-efficiency programs that reduce sales or to plan transmission lines that can import cheaper wind power from elsewhere.

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Utility Dive: Gas utility planning processes should be more like their electric utility counterparts

Posted by Sarah Steinberg and Brad Cebulko on Mar 4, 2024

In an opinion piece featured in Utility Dive, United's Sarah Steinberg and United member company Strategen's Brad Cebulko speak to the outdated gas planning process that allows infrastructure spending to go largely unvetted. The piece highlights a recent  report , authored by Strategen and United, that provides guidance for states looking to improve transparency into or oversight of gas utilities.

In business, the only constant is disruption and change. We’ve seen this truth manifest across all industries, from telecommunications to retail to computing and manufacturing. The energy industry is no exception. Both gas and electric energy systems are becoming increasingly complex, with more dynamic supply and demand-side market forces instigating a profound evolution in how our power is sourced, priced and delivered. Change has come quicker to the electric side, but recently we have begun to see how the gas delivery system used to heat and cool homes and businesses is primed for change, and it should challenge the business-as-usual strategies currently used to regulate these essential services for ratepayers across the country.

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Topics: United In The News, Energy Efficiency, Building Decarbonization

PV Magazine: RE+Storage Better Than a Colorado Utility’s Proposed 400 MW Gas Unit: Strategen

Posted by William Driscoll on Nov 16, 2023

PV Magazine reports on a recent analysis of the electric resource plan for Xcel Energy’s Colorado subsidiary, the Public Service Company of Colorado. The analysis, commissioned by Advanced Energy United and authored by Strategen Consulting Group, found a clean energy resource portfolio would be a more cost-effective way to power Colorado homes and businesses compared to building a new natural gas “peaker” plant. The article quotes United's Brian Turner, who speaks to the cost impact Xcel's proposed plant would have on ratepayers.

Storage and renewables projects already offered in response to an RFP from the Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo) would be more economic and provide greater capacity than a 400 MW gas peaker unit proposed by the utility, found the consulting firm Strategen in an analysis of the utility’s proposed resource plan.

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Pennsylvania Legislature Removes Barriers to Participation in Residential Energy Efficiency

Posted by Adam Winer on Jul 12, 2022

Budget includes $125 million for transformative new program that pairs necessary home repairs with energy cost-saving measures

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New York Legislature Passes Building and Appliance Efficiency Bill

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 6, 2022

Industry group says building code and appliance updates will help customers save money and help the state meet emission reduction goals 

ALBANY, June 6, 2022 – National business organization Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) applauded the New York Legislature for approving a bill last week that has the potential to further the deployment of energy-saving technologies and that can deliver significant utility bill savings for consumers.  

The "Advanced Building Codes, Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards Act of 2022" updates the state’s energy building codes to include considerations of climate impact and mitigation strategies, and expands the list of appliances and products that need to meet energy efficiency standards. The Act is expected to deliver $15 billion in utility bill savings for New Yorkers, with $6 billion of those savings going to low- and moderate-income households. The legislation also sets up New York for success in achieving the emissions reduction targets set by the state’s landmark climate law.

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Topics: Press Releases, Energy Efficiency, Leah Meredith, New York

Arizona Republic: Extreme heat, rising demand: Arizona utilities warn of blackouts in summers ahead

Posted by Ryan Randazzo on Apr 29, 2022

Arizona Republic examined utilities' concerns over their power supply, quoting AEE's Shelby Stults on how increasing energy efficiency programs and joining a western RTO can help. Read snippets below and the full article here.

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