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WVTF: Virginia's regional grid operator ranks last in the nation

Posted by Sandy Hausman on Mar 4, 2024

In an interview, WVTF Virginia Public Radio talks with Advanced Energy United Director Jon Gordon about PJM's low grade on United's 2024 Interconnection Scorecards.

Advanced Energy United... recently ranked all seven of the nation’s regional grid operators and gave the one serving Virginia a grade of D-minus. Policy Director Jon Gordon says PJM – which covers 13 states – used to add a few new power plants a year.

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Topics: Virginia, United In The News, Transmission, Jon Gordon

NJ Spotlight News: Interconnection Issues at PJM Threaten Reliability and Clean-Energy Goals, Warns New Study

Posted by Tom Johnson on Feb 27, 2024

NJ Spotlight News reports on a recently released Generation Interconnection Scorecard, authored by Grid Strategies and the Brattle Group and released by Advanced Energy United, that ranks PJM the lowest amongst the seven regional grids. United's Jon Gordon and Kristina Persaud spoke to the massive backlog PJM faces and lack of planning for such scenarios.

PJM Interconnection, the nation’s largest electrical power grid operator, is struggling to connect new electricity projects to its system, threatening power reliability and clean-energy goals, according to a study.

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Topics: Wholesale Markets, United In The News, New Jersey, Jon Gordon, Kristina Persaud

Energy News Network: Recent grid reforms might not be enough for Virginia to hit future clean energy targets, advocates say

Posted by Elizabeth McGowan on Sep 22, 2023

Energy News Network reports on Virginia's slowed interconnection queue and the impact of FERC Order 2023 on PJM's evaluation process, quoting Jon Gordon on the complexity of the interconnection backlog in the state.

Virginia is on track to meet short-term carbon-free targets laid out in the sweeping Clean Economy Act of 2020.

And advocates agree that’s remarkable considering almost 44,000 megawatts of wind, solar and energy storage projects proposed across the state are still waiting in PJM’s interconnection queue.

Still, they question whether the region’s grid operator is prepared for the massive influx of clean energy mandated over the next three decades. That includes more than 5,000 MW of wind off the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina.

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Topics: Virginia, United In The News, Jon Gordon