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California Governor, Legislature miss opportunity to significantly improve California’s power grid reliability in new budget deal

Posted by Cayli Baker on Jun 30, 2022

Budget agreement opens the door to extending the life of fossil fuel generation and misses the mark on creating a more reliable, clean and affordable grid system

SACRAMENTO, June 30, 2022 — Today, national business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) responded to the California Legislature’s passage late Wednesday of new budget trailer bills that include billions of dollars for clean energy and transportation investments while also allowing aging fossil fuel power plants to keep running longer beyond planned retirement. 

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AEE Statement on Supreme Court ruling to limit scope of Environmental Protection Agency

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 30, 2022

WASHINGTON, June 30, 2022 – Today, national business association Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) expressed disappointment with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the case of West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency. AEE General Counsel and Managing Director Jeff Dennis released the following statement:

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AEE Supports Use of Defense Production Act, Calls for Full Funding & Implementation

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 29, 2022

Letter also lauds two-year bridge for solar imports, calls for swift end to Auxin investigation 

WASHINGTON, June 29, 2022 – Today, national business association Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) sent a letter to the Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, the White House, and leaders on Capitol Hill strongly defending President Biden’s use of the Defense Production Act (DPA) to expand domestic production of “five critical clean energy technologies,” including solar, heat pumps, power grid infrastructure, building insulation, and equipment for making and using clean electricity-generated fuels.  

As the letter details, this action is vital to address the immediate issues of rising energy prices, U.S. and European exposure to Russian oil and gas, and America’s security interests. AEE called upon the Administration and Congress to significantly increase resources in the DPA Fund to meet this moment. In addition, Congress should harness reconciliation to pass a robust package of energy and manufacturing incentives, akin to those in Build Back Better, to build on the progress the DPA should initiate. AEE Managing Director Harrison Godfrey provided the following statement about the letter and its message to the Administration:

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Florida Politics (Opinion): NextEra Energy’s Real Zero is a great step forward, but more needs to be done to reduce energy costs

Posted by Michael Weiss on Jun 28, 2022

Florida Politics published an op-ed from AEE's Michael Weiss analyzing how NextEra's zero carbon goal will positively impact Florida's clean energy landscape. Read snippets below and the full article here.

NextEra Energy, the parent company of Florida Power & Light, recently announced a highly laudable goal of eliminating its carbon emissions from its operations by 2045 on June 14, 2022.

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Arizona legislature passes bill to save schools time and money when purchasing electric school buses

Posted by Cayli Baker on Jun 24, 2022

Legislation to make it easier for school districts to evaluate electric school bus options moves to the Governor’s desk with overwhelming bipartisan support.

PHOENIX, June 24, 2022 — National business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) commended the Arizona legislature’s passage of SB 1246, which will improve the ability of Arizona schools to access cost-saving transportation services. The bill, proposed by Senator Paul Boyer (R-Glendale) and sponsored by AEE, was passed unopposed by the Senate late last night and approved by the House with bipartisan support and is poised to make it easier for school districts to evaluate electric vehicle school buses and charging options.

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National Business Association Joins Utilities In Filing Motion to Defend California’s Clean Air Act Waiver For Vehicle Emissions

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 14, 2022

WASHINGTON, June 14, 2022 – Today, national business association Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) joined with public utilities and privately owned power generators in filing a motion to intervene in the U.S. Court of Appeals case Ohio v. EPA with the intent of defending the Biden Administration’s reinstatement of California’s long-standing Clean Air Act waiver. That waiver allows the state to set vehicle emissions standards that are more protective of public health than federal standards, and to implement zero-emissions standards for light-duty vehicles, both of which other states are allowed to adopt as well.

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Topics: Federal Policy, California Engagement, EPA GHG Regs, Press Releases, Jeff Dennis

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Opinion): Smart legislation will save money, point Va. toward EVs

Posted by Kim Jemaine on Jun 11, 2022

Richmond Times-Dispatch published a column by AEE's Kim Jemaine discussing the bipartisan passage of legislation in Virginia's Senate maximizing EVs in the state. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Thankfully, the passage of Senate Bull 575 - the so-called fleet optimization bill - proved that smart, fiscally responsible legislation still can get bipartisan support, and point the commonwealth toward a smarter transportation future.

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Topics: United In The News, Legislative, Electric Vehicles, Kim Jemaine

Indianapolis Business Journal (Opinion): IURC should say no to Duke’s planned gas-fired plants

Posted by Sarah Steinberg on Jun 10, 2022

Indiana Business Journal published an op-ed by AEE's Sarah Steinberg, explaining why IURC should invest in clean energy resources and reject Duke Energy Indiana's gas-fired plants. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Duke Energy is one of the nation’s largest utility companies, serving roughly 9 million people across six states. So when this Fortune 150 company announced plans to accelerate its energy transition and reach an entirely clean electricity generation portfolio by 2050, it received significant publicity, including here in Indiana. After all, with Duke Energy Indiana serving over 860,000 customers, this announcement should mean two things: good local jobs developing new energy resources and lower electricity rates from affordable wind, solar, energy storage, energy efficiency and demand management solutions.

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Utility Dive: Arizona regulators again reject SRP’s proposed 820-MW gas plant expansion

Posted by Robert Walton on Jun 7, 2022

Utility Dive reported on the Arizona Corporation Commission's vote rejecting a proposed gas plant expansion, quoting AEE's Shelby Stults on clean energy solutions utility Salt River Project can pursue instead. Read snippets below and the full article here.

The Arizona Corporation Commission voted 3-2 on Monday to deny rehearing and reconsideration of Salt River Project’s proposed 820-MW expansion of the gas-fired Coolidge Generation Station. Community and clean energy advocates say the utility failed to present new evidence in favor of the project, which the regulators initially rejected in April.

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AEE applauds Biden administration actions to pause solar tariffs and grow advanced energy domestic manufacturing

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 6, 2022

WASHINGTON, June 6, 2022 – Today national business association Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) celebrated the announcement from the Biden Administration that it will expand use of the Defense Production Act to include solar panels and component parts, as well as building insulation, heat pumps, electrolyzers, platinum group metals, fuel cells, and transformers. The White House also announced a pause on solar trade tariffs to allow clean energy projects across the country to be built while the country scales up domestic manufacturing of supply chain components. 

“This is a needed stay in a more than decade-long tariff war that has been a loser for all parties,” said AEE CEO Nat Kreamer. “Tariffs only raise costs for consumers and don’t create domestic demand for clean energy. These announcements today provide much-needed stability to the solar industry and the clean energy transition at large, and send the message to Congress that now is the time to act urgently to build the clean energy domestic manufacturing industry this country needs to protect consumers and become energy independent.

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Topics: Federal Policy, Press Releases, Manufacturing, Manufacturing and Infrastructure, Nat Kreamer

New York Legislature Passes Building and Appliance Efficiency Bill

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 6, 2022

Industry group says building code and appliance updates will help customers save money and help the state meet emission reduction goals 

ALBANY, June 6, 2022 – National business organization Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) applauded the New York Legislature for approving a bill last week that has the potential to further the deployment of energy-saving technologies and that can deliver significant utility bill savings for consumers.  

The "Advanced Building Codes, Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards Act of 2022" updates the state’s energy building codes to include considerations of climate impact and mitigation strategies, and expands the list of appliances and products that need to meet energy efficiency standards. The Act is expected to deliver $15 billion in utility bill savings for New Yorkers, with $6 billion of those savings going to low- and moderate-income households. The legislation also sets up New York for success in achieving the emissions reduction targets set by the state’s landmark climate law.

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AEE-Sponsored Electric School Bus Bill Unanimously Approved by California Assembly

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 1, 2022

Legislation to speed up the transition to electric school buses now moves to the state Senate

SACRAMENTO, June 1, 2022 – California's Clean and Healthy School Bus Act (AB 2731) was approved 57-0 by California’s State Assembly last week, a major step toward speeding up the transition to zero-emission school buses that save schools money and don’t harm young lungs. 

Proposed by Assemblymember Phil Ting (District 19) and sponsored by AEE, AB 2731 is designed to help school districts access the long-term economic benefits of switching to zero-emission school buses by allowing for longer vehicle lease terms, as well as setting a 2035 statewide Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) school bus sales goal. California currently caps lease terms for contracted school buses at five years. Extending the lease terms to 15 years would substantially improve the economics of transitioning to electric school buses for school districts. 

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Topics: California Engagement, Press Releases, Electric Vehicles, Emilie Olson, Electric school buses