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AEE-Sponsored Electric School Bus Bill Unanimously Approved by California Assembly

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 1, 2022

Legislation to speed up the transition to electric school buses now moves to the state Senate

SACRAMENTO, June 1, 2022 – California's Clean and Healthy School Bus Act (AB 2731) was approved 57-0 by California’s State Assembly last week, a major step toward speeding up the transition to zero-emission school buses that save schools money and don’t harm young lungs. 

Proposed by Assemblymember Phil Ting (District 19) and sponsored by AEE, AB 2731 is designed to help school districts access the long-term economic benefits of switching to zero-emission school buses by allowing for longer vehicle lease terms, as well as setting a 2035 statewide Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) school bus sales goal. California currently caps lease terms for contracted school buses at five years. Extending the lease terms to 15 years would substantially improve the economics of transitioning to electric school buses for school districts. 

"The bipartisan approval of this bill by the Assembly is a recognition that this is a practical approach to making electric school buses more affordable for districts and is a common-sense way to improve the air kids breathe,” said Emilie Olson, Policy Principal at AEE. “This unanimous vote should send a strong message to California's Senate that it should pass AB 2731 because speeding up the transition to electric school buses has widespread support.” 

A poll commissioned by the AEE Institute and conducted by YouGov in August of 2021 found that 56 percent of Californians support school bus electrification by 2035, with only 28 percent opposed. 

More information about AB 2731 and the organizations supporting the bill can be found at Advanced Energy Works. 

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