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The Nevada Independent: Why NV Energy Wants to Triple Northern Nevada’s Base Rates

Posted by Amy Alonzo on Jun 2, 2024

The Nevada Independent reports on NV Energy's proposed base service charge increase. If approved, NV Energy will have the highest fixed charge in the nation. Quoted in the article, United's Emilie Olson and Sheila Hallstrom speak out against the dangers of a fixed charge and how this will increase Nevadan's electricity bills.

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E&E News: Colorado’s Boost to Electric Grid Could Be National Model

Posted by Jason Plautz on May 10, 2024

E&E News reports on the passage of legislation in Colorado that, if signed into law, would help to modernize the state's electric grid and compel Xcel Energy, Colorado's largest electric utility, to make upgrades to the distribution system. In the article, United's Emilie Olson commends Colorado lawmakers for their support of the bill's holistic approach in addressing distribution system needs while aligning with the state's goals for decarbonization.

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Clean Energy Businesses Celebrate Colorado’s Passage of Landmark Distribution System Planning Bill

Posted by Caroline Grace on May 7, 2024

Senate Bill 24-218, a bill that will modernize Colorado’s energy distribution system, passed the House Floor and now awaits the Governor's signature

DENVER, CO— Groundbreaking legislation, Senate Bill 24-218, sponsored by Senate President Steve Fenberg, Senator Chris Hansen, House Majority Leader Monica Duran, and Representative Kyle Brown, garnered significant support on the House Floor and passed the legislature. The bill now moves to Colorado Governor Jared Polis’s desk for signature. 

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The Colorado Sun: Xcel’s Grid, Facing Growing Power Demands, to Get Help From a Bill Racing Through the Legislature

Posted by Mark Jaffe on May 1, 2024

The Colorado Sun reports on new legislation, Senate Bill 24-218, introduced that would modernize the state's distribution system. The article quotes United's Emilie Olson on the state of the current distribution grid and how upgrades are crucial to powering more generation. 

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Utility Dive: California Governor Signs Bill To Speed Utility Interconnections

Posted by Robert Walton on Oct 9, 2023

Utility Dive reports on the Powering Up Californians Act, quoting Emilie Olson's explanation of how the bill will help to improve delays in the utility interconnection process and speed up clean energy technology adoption in the Golden State.

SB 410, known as the Powering Up Californians Act, directs the California Public Utilities Commission to set average and target time periods for grid connections and upgrades. It is supported by several clean energy groups while Pacific Gas & Electric has expressed concern about the balance between speed and safety when it comes to grid upgrades

SB 410 is a key initiative to speed adoption of electric vehicles, according to the Environmental Defense Fund.

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Bill to fix interconnection delays stalling adoption of residential solar, heat pumps, and electric vehicle charging passes California legislature

Posted by Angelyn Tabalba on Sep 15, 2023

Legislation paves the way for more rapid clean energy deployment to California households

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA  Today, Advanced Energy United celebrated the bipartisan passage of SB 410, The Powering Up Californians Act, the first bill of its kind aimed at tackling delays in connecting customers’ clean energy technologies to the state’s power grid. Californians want clean energy solutions like residential solar and storage, heat pumps, and electric vehicles (EVs), but interconnection delays are a major obstacle in customer adoption of these technologies, slowing progress toward California’s decarbonization goals and customer energy savings.  

SB 410, introduced by Senator Josh Becker (District 13), requires an ongoing assessment of every investor-owned electric utility’s electrical service and interconnection performance, workforce staffing levels, and grid capacity. This bill also facilitates clear and reasonable timeframes for connecting clean energy systems to hold utilities accountable, benefit customers, and prevent future bottlenecks.  

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California Legislature Votes to Accelerate Electric School Bus Transition

Posted by Angelyn Tabalba on Sep 11, 2023

A bill to establish a statewide goal for zero-emission school buses will soon head to the Governor’s desk  

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA Today, the California Senate passed AB 579 to accelerate the adoption of electric school buses and bring the benefits of clean air and cost-savings to communities statewide. The bill, sponsored by Advanced Energy United and CALSTART, represents the latest significant action from the California Legislature to accelerate the transition to clean and safe school transportation. The bill will soon head to Governor Newsom’s desk for signing.  

Brought forward by Assemblymember Phil Ting (District 19), AB 579sets a statewide deadline requiring all new school buses purchased or leased after 2035 to be zero-emission. The bill extends the lease terms for contracted zero-emission school buses to maximize longer-term savings for schools. Expanding electric school bus adoption over the next decade will substantially reduce maintenance and fuel costs by thousands of dollars annually, freeing up funding to put back into the classroom. 

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Topics: Press Releases, Emilie Olson, Electric school buses, California

Colorado Newsline: Gov. Polis signs slate of clean energy measures, utility regulation bill

Posted by Chase Woodruff on May 12, 2023

Colorado Newsline reports on Colorado Governor Polis' signing of a utility regulation bill, quoting Emilie Olson on how the legislation will benefit ratepayers in the state.

Gov. Jared Polis on Thursday signed into law a bill that commits Colorado for the first time to a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target, along with other measures to address spiking utility rates and the state’s long-term energy future.

Flanked by Democratic lawmakers and state energy officials, Polis signed Senate Bill 23-16 at an event at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The bill, a wide-ranging package of reforms aimed at boosting clean energy efforts in a variety of industries, was approved on party-line votes by Democratic majorities in the General Assembly just before its adjournment on May 8.

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Advanced Energy United Applauds New Measures to Protect Coloradans from High Gas Costs, Creates National Model for Overcoming Gas Rate Hikes

Posted by Adam Winer on May 11, 2023

Colorado Senate Bill 23-291 introduces a series of reforms to strengthen regulatory oversight of utility spending and future gas system investments

DENVER, CO, May 11, 2023 – National business group Advanced Energy United commended Governor Polis for signing Senate Bill 23-291 into law today, authorizing practical reforms to utility regulation and building upon existing gas planning improvements.

“This is a timely bill in a year that has laid bare the impact of volatile nature gas prices on all consumers,” said Emilie Olson, Colorado state lead at Advanced Energy United. “We thank Governor Polis, Senate President Fenberg, and the legislature for stepping up to shield customers from high gas bills now and in the future, and responsibly limiting the kinds of things utilities can make their customers pay for."

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Advanced Energy United Celebrates Colorado's Adoption of Advanced Clean Trucks Rule

Posted by Adam Winer on Apr 21, 2023

Polling found that more than half of all Coloradans supported adoption of the ACT rule 

DENVER, CO, April 21, 2023 – National business association Advanced Energy United today applauded the adoption of the Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) rule via unanimous vote by the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC). Set to take effect in 2027, the ACT rule will require auto manufacturers who produce medium- and heavy-duty vehicles to steadily increase the percentage of zero-emission model sales over time – up to 40-75% by 2035, depending on vehicle type. The rule is designed to spur manufacturers to offer more vehicle options and inventory, as well as provide consumers with more choices.

“In addition to improving air quality for Colorado residents, the Advanced Clean Trucks rule will lower costs for vehicle fleet operators and unlock new, cost-effective options for Colorado businesses,” said Emilie Olson, Colorado state lead at Advanced Energy United, which represents a wide spectrum of companies involved in vehicle production, charging infrastructure, and energy management software. "Small businesses, which have been hit hard by inflation and volatile fuel and supply chain prices, will benefit significantly from this regulation because it will help them switch to vehicles that cost less to operate and maintain.”

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