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E&E News: Western Market That Could Boost Renewables Moves Forward

Posted by Jason Plautz on Jun 3, 2024

E&E News reports on NV Energy's intent to join the California Independent System Operator Extended Day Ahead Market. United's Leah Rubin Shen is quoted on the several benefits of NV Energy joining a single electricity market. 

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Topics: United In The News, Leah Rubin Shen, Western RTO, Nevada

E&E News: Colorado’s Boost to Electric Grid Could Be National Model

Posted by Jason Plautz on May 10, 2024

E&E News reports on the passage of legislation in Colorado that, if signed into law, would help to modernize the state's electric grid and compel Xcel Energy, Colorado's largest electric utility, to make upgrades to the distribution system. In the article, United's Emilie Olson commends Colorado lawmakers for their support of the bill's holistic approach in addressing distribution system needs while aligning with the state's goals for decarbonization.

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Topics: State Policy, Advanced Transportation, United In The News, Colorado, Emilie Olson, Building Decarbonization

E&E News: Western Power Market Plan Would Reshape Grid Oversight

Posted by Jason Plautz on Apr 12, 2024

E&E News reports on the key takeaways from the highly anticipated West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative proposed framework that could help create a new electricity market. The article quotes United's Brian Turner on the progress Nevada and Colorado are making in joining an RTO. 

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Topics: United In The News, Western RTO, Brian Turner

E&E News: Can Texas stave off its next grid emergency?

Posted by Jason Plautz on Sep 15, 2023

E&E News reports on the recent emergency sounded by Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to stop a potential blackout. The article quotes Matthew Boms of Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance (Advanced Energy United's Texas state chapter) on the importance of incentivizing demand response programs to curb the ever-growing energy demand in Texas.

The Texas grid operator declared an emergency last week, but it didn’t end up cutting off residents’ lights and air conditioning as the state roasted.

Next time, everyone might not be so lucky.

A combination of a growing population, a booming economy and a heat wave pushed demand on the state’s main electric grid to previously unseen levels this summer, including 10 all-time records for demand. That record demand was accompanied by repeated requests for customers to conserve their own energy. 

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Topics: United In The News, Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance, Texas, Matthew Boms

E&E News: How California Can Meets its 'Eye-Popping' Transmission Needs

Posted by Jason Plautz on Apr 19, 2023

PoliticoPro highlights the path forward for California to meet its transmissions needs, quoting Brian Turner on tightening coordination amongst agencies to address electrification and demand growth.

California will need to add more than $9 billion worth of new transmission infrastructure to avoid blackouts while also meeting clean energy goals, according to a new report from the state’s main grid operator. The draft report released last week by the California Independent System Operator identifies 46 new transmission lines needed to connect renewable energy projects to areas where people live.

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Topics: United In The News, Brian Turner

E&E News:  Western states ponder regional grid as renewables grow

Posted by Jason Plautz on Nov 22, 2022

E&E News explored what a unified electricity market could look like in the West, citing AEE's Western RTO Economic Impact Report findings and quoting Sarah Steinberg on the win a regional transmission organization offers states. Read snippets below and the full article here.

As temperatures on the West Coast soared into the triple digits in early September, power demand threatened to reach record levels — and utilities braced for grid problems...

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Topics: Wholesale Markets, United In The News, Sarah Steinberg, Western RTO

E&E News: California to study plans for creating Western regional grid

Posted by Jason Plautz on Aug 15, 2022

E&E News covered new California legislation to explore the benefits of a Western RTO, quoting Amisha Rai on the need for a more interconnected grid. Read snippets below and the full article here.

California is exploring the proposed formation of a regional electric grid as governments and utilities across the West push for broader distribution of renewable resources...

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Topics: California Engagement, United In The News, Amisha Rai, Western RTO

Utility Dive: House Committee to Vote on Expanded EV and Clean Energy Tax Credits, Including Storage, Hydrogen

Posted by Jason Plautz on Sep 14, 2021

Utility Dive quoted AEE's Leah Rubin Shen on aspects of the House reconciliation bill. Read snippets below and the full article here.

The House Ways and Means Committee will meet Tuesday to vote on tax incentives for clean energy and electric vehicles as part of the committee’s portion of the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation spending plan. 

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Topics: United In The News

Smart Cities Dive: White House Agrees to Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Posted by Jason Plautz on Jun 25, 2021

Smart Cities Dive summarized the recent bipartisan infrastructure deal, citing AEE’s national stimulus report and comments from Leah Rubin Shen. Read snippets below and the full article here.

In March, the Biden administration proposed a $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, which included $174 billion in electric vehicle spending, $100 billion for the power grid and $46 billion in clean energy manufacturing, as well as a clean electricity standard and broader clean energy tax credits. The framework released Thursday represents a significant downscale from those ambitions, but the bipartisan backing gives it better odds of passage. 

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Topics: United In The News

Utility Dive: Nevada Passes Clean Energy Bill Requiring State to Join RTO, Accelerating $2B Transmission Project

Posted by Jason Plautz on Jun 2, 2021

Utility Dive summarized Nevada’s clean energy omnibus bill SB 448, citing AEE’s coalition letter supporting the bill’s RTO language. Read snippets below and the full article here.

SB 448, introduced by state Sen. Chris Brooks, a Democrat from Las Vegas, advances Nevada's goal to reach 100% carbon-free resources by 2050, set in a 2019 bill that also raised the state's Renewable Portfolio Standard to 50% by 2030. The new bill goes further, requiring utilities to forecast a path to achieve an 80% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from 2005 levels by the end of the decade. 

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Topics: State Policy, United In The News