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Utility Dive: Gas utility planning processes should be more like their electric utility counterparts

Posted by Sarah Steinberg and Brad Cebulko on Mar 4, 2024

In an opinion piece featured in Utility Dive, United's Sarah Steinberg and United member company Strategen's Brad Cebulko speak to the outdated gas planning process that allows infrastructure spending to go largely unvetted. The piece highlights a recent  report , authored by Strategen and United, that provides guidance for states looking to improve transparency into or oversight of gas utilities.

In business, the only constant is disruption and change. We’ve seen this truth manifest across all industries, from telecommunications to retail to computing and manufacturing. The energy industry is no exception. Both gas and electric energy systems are becoming increasingly complex, with more dynamic supply and demand-side market forces instigating a profound evolution in how our power is sourced, priced and delivered. Change has come quicker to the electric side, but recently we have begun to see how the gas delivery system used to heat and cool homes and businesses is primed for change, and it should challenge the business-as-usual strategies currently used to regulate these essential services for ratepayers across the country.

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Topics: United In The News, Energy Efficiency, Building Decarbonization