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Indy Star: Major Indiana companies and cities call on utilities for more renewable energy options

Posted by Sarah Bowman on Dec 19, 2022

Indy Star featured a letter from Indiana’s major employers asking utilities for more clean energy offerings, quoting Caryl Auslander on the letter's asks. Read snippets below and the full story here.

Several of Indiana’s major employers and biggest cities are not happy with their energy options — they want more, and they want it cleaner.

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Indianapolis Business Journal: Large Indiana cities and employers ask Duke, AES for more clean-energy options

Posted by IBJ Staff on Dec 15, 2022

IBJ outlined Indiana business' ask for more renewable energy options, citing Caryl Auslander on the demand for advanced energy. Read snippets below and the full story here.

A trade group that promotes clean energy, the cities of Indianapolis andBloomington, and several of the state’s largest employers on Thursday issued a formal request to the state’s two largest utilities, asking them to offer more options to large energy customers to receive their electricity from renewable energy.

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Major Indiana employers and cities call on electric utilities to provide renewable energy choices

Posted by Adam Winer on Dec 15, 2022

Letter asks AES and Duke Energy for a new Green Tariff program

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, December 15, 2022 – Today, Indiana Advanced Energy Economy (Indiana AEE) is joined by the cities of Indianapolis and Bloomington, as well as companies Coca-Cola, Walmart, Salesforce, Cummins, Rivian, and Roche, all of which have headquarters or major operations in Indiana, in calling on Indiana’s two largest utilities, Duke Energy and AES, to make it easier to purchase renewable energy in the state.

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South Bend Tribune (Opinion): Viewpoint: Could Indiana be the Crossroads of an Electrified America?

Posted by Caryl Auslander on Oct 6, 2022

South Bend Tribune ran Caryl Auslander's opinion piece on how Indiana can solidify itself as a manufacturing hub for electric vehicles. Read snippets below and the full article here.

America is changing the way it drives, and Indiana is sitting in the driver’s seat. Our state will soon be home to thousands of new, good-paying jobs and record investment in electric vehicle and component production facilities at a moment when EVs are poised to take off.

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Inside Indiana Business: Study: Clean energy job growth outpacing other sectors

Posted by Alex Brown on Oct 5, 2022

Inside Indiana Business featured AEE's Indiana jobs fact sheet, quoting Caryl Auslander on how clean energy is outpacing other sectors. Read snippets below and the full article here

INDIANAPOLIS - A new report from Advanced Energy Economy says the increase in the number of clean energy jobs in Indiana more than doubled the state’s overall job growth in 2021. The national trade association says Indiana employed 89,000 Hoosiers last year in advanced energy jobs, representing a 6.9% increase over the previous year. “Advanced energy jobs are growing. They’re in-demand, high-paying jobs, and we’re just seeing a huge boom, especially in the electric vehicle space,” said Caryl Auslander, director of Indiana Advanced Energy Economy.

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