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Utility Dive: Performance Based Regulation — Seeking the New Utility Business Model

Posted by Herman K. Trabish on Jul 23, 2019

This Utility Dive "deep dive" reviews efforts to adopt performance-based regulation across the nation, shifting the utility business model to serve policy goals and consumer demand. The first of a two-part series, the piece quotes AEE's Danny Waggoner. See excerpts below and read the entire Utility Dive piece here.
As the push to upend traditional utility business models grows across the country, new leading efforts are showing results where others missed the mark. There is accelerating work to transform the utility business model through performance-based regulation (PBR).

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PV Magazine: AEE Releases Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fact Sheet

Posted by Tim Sylvia on Jul 17, 2019

PV Magazine's daily pvMB newsletter covered the release of AEE's fact sheet on Electrifying Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles. Read excerpt below and see the entire pvMB piece here.

AEE: medium- and heavy-duty EV fact sheet – Advanced Energy Economy has released a fact sheet for those looking to buy electric busses, delivery truck, tractor-trailer or other medium-to-heavy duty vehicle. 
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Commercial Fleet Operators Eye Advantages of Electric Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Posted by Monique Hanis on Jul 17, 2019

AEE industry fact sheet reveals compelling commercial and public benefits of electrifying buses and trucks, as adoption begins to take off

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 17, 2019 – Today national business group Advanced Energy Economy released a fact sheet outlining the benefits that private and public fleet operators see in electric vehicles (EVs), and why they are beginning to incorporate them into their medium- and heavy-duty vehicle (MDV and HDV) portfolios. While much industry focus has been on the consumer auto and light-duty markets, new electric bus and truck models are gaining the attention of commercial, municipal, and state fleet operators for their cost and operational benefits.

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Energy News Network: Illinois Will Take More Time to Consider Customer Impact of Cloud Software

Posted by David Thill on Jul 16, 2019

Energy News Network covered the Illinois utility commission's (ICC) decision to withdraw a proposed rule affording more favorable accounting rules to utilities that choose third-party cloud-computing solutions, quoting AEE's Danny Waggoner. AEE has actively participated in the regulatory proceeding. See excerpts below and read the entire Energy News Network story here.
Illinois regulators have withdrawn for now a proposed rule change that would let utilities earn a rate of return for cloud-based software subscriptions. The Illinois Commerce Commission faced an early July deadline to implement the rule. On June 26 it voted instead to retract and resubmit the proposal later to allow more time to address questions about how it could affect customers.
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Forbes: 4 Reasons Renewables Will Continue to Dominate Fossil Fuels

Posted by Jeff McMahon on Jul 3, 2019

Forbes columnist Jeff McMahon highlighted the competitive economics of renewables in this second piece drawing from AEE's June 25 webinar, "What Happens When Wind and Solar Compete on Price." He reports that renewables make running fossil fuel plants more expensive, costs of capital are declining, renewables have no fuel costs, and they compete in states like Georgia, Indiana, and North Carolina. See excerpts below and read the entire Forbes piece here. McMahon's first piece is here.

Renewables will dominate energy markets in the United States because of their economics, even without the support of policy, some analysts agree.

The low price of renewables has driven the news this week not only of LA's record-breaking solar+storage deal but also Indiana's early exit from coal. And experts expect prices to continue to fall across the country...

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Forbes: Conservative Indiana Chooses Renewables Over Gas as It Retires Coal Early

Posted by Jeff McMahon on Jul 2, 2019

Forbes columnist Jeff McMahon summarizes take-away's from AEE's June 25 webinar, "What Happens When Wind and Solar Compete on Price." He focuses on the experience of panelist Mike Hooper, NIPSCO. See excerpts below and read the entire Forbes piece here. McMahon's second piece in this series is here.

Los Angeles just announced the largest and cheapest solar+storage project in the world, but that's the golden land of dreamers and subsidies. About 1,800 miles to the right, conservative Indiana—with no renewable-portfolio standard—is making similar choices.

Renewables are so cheap, said Mike Hooper, the senior vice president of the Northern Indiana Service Company (NIPSCO), that the utility can close its coal plants early and return $4 billion to its customers over the next 30 years.

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