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PV Mag: Proposed Bill That Could Gut California Rooftop Solar Draws Fire

Posted by Tim Sylvia on May 28, 2021

PV Mag outlined a California bill that would gut rooftop solar, citing AEE’s coalition letter opposing the measure. Read snippets below and the full story here

The bill would significantly cut net metering rates paid to rooftop solar customers, and also revise long-term rates and other protections that were promised to existing rooftop solar customers.

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PV Magazine: Senate Bill Would Give Clean Energy Companies Direct Access to Tax Credits

Posted by Tim Sylvia on Mar 26, 2021

PV Magazine highlights AEE's support of a Senate bill that would incentivize renewable energy development by allowing for direct pay of ITCs. The story was also covered by Solar Power World. Read excerpts below and the full article here.

The bill aims to thaw frozen tax-equity markets and help the solar and clean energy sectors recover from the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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PV Magazine: AEE Releases Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fact Sheet

Posted by Tim Sylvia on Jul 17, 2019

PV Magazine's daily pvMB newsletter covered the release of AEE's fact sheet on Electrifying Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles. Read excerpt below and see the entire pvMB piece here.

AEE: medium- and heavy-duty EV fact sheet – Advanced Energy Economy has released a fact sheet for those looking to buy electric busses, delivery truck, tractor-trailer or other medium-to-heavy duty vehicle. 
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