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KUNM: New Mexico Gets Massive $156M Boost for Solar Equity

Posted by Bryce Dix on Apr 24, 2024

KUNM reports on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Solar For All program, which distributed $156M in grants set to unlock affordable, resilient, clean solar power to households across New Mexico. The article quotes United's Michael Barrio on the program's potential in the state

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The Albuquerque Journal: Geothermal Advancements, Incentives Could Help NM Meet Renewable Energy Goals

Posted by Megan Gleason on Mar 26, 2024

The Albuquerque Journal reports on advancements in geothermal. The article quotes United's Michael Barrio on what a successful energy transition looks like and how the passage of geothermal legislation will help the state in its renewable energy transition. 

About 75 years ago in Animas, irrigators were drilling wells when they stumbled upon extremely hot water naturally bubbling up out of the ground. Little did they know, they had tapped into geothermal energy resources. The spot would later become the location of the Lightning Dock geothermal power plant — New Mexico’s first utility-scale geothermal power plant.

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Advanced Energy United Urges Arizona Corporation Commission to Reject New Solar Surcharge

Posted by Caroline Grace on Feb 22, 2024

Without warning, ACC staff proposed a new charge only for solar customers. 

PHOENIX, AZ—The national business association Advanced Energy United is urging the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to vote against the new solar surcharge proposed in the Recommended Opinion and Order (ROO) in Arizona Public Service (APS)’s rate case.

The surcharge imposes a fee that exclusively and unfairly targets solar customers. This fee would increase solar ratepayers’ monthly bills 15%, adding $3-4 more per month compared to non-solar customers.

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New Mexico Legislative Session Advances Clean Energy Initiatives

Posted by Caroline Grace on Feb 16, 2024

SANTA FE, NM— As New Mexico’s 2024 legislative session closed yesterday, the advanced energy industry made strides despite a busy session with competing priorities.

With bills advancing clean transportation, enabling building electrification, incentivizing clean energy solutions, and enhancing electric vehicle infrastructure, the session resulted in the passage of key legislation affirming New Mexico’s dedication to achieving a clean energy economy.

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Advanced Energy United Disagrees With ACC’s Efforts to Repeal Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Rules

Posted by Caroline Grace on Feb 15, 2024

Arizona Corporation Commission voted 4-1 to begin the process of repealing the state’s energy efficiency and renewable standards.

PHOENIX, AZ. – The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), in a majority 4-1 vote, voted to begin dismantling the Renewable Energy Standard & Tariff (REST) and the Energy Efficiency (EE) Standards, which have been in place since 2006 and 2010. Reversing these rules would curtail job creation, negatively impact grid resilience, and create regulatory uncertainty for businesses looking to invest in the state. Additionally, reversing long-standing policy signals to businesses that Arizona doesn’t want their jobs and investments, negatively impacting the state’s economy.

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Arizona Daily Star: Arizona opinion: Our state’s entirely avoidable energy crisis

Posted by Bob England & Michael Barrio on Aug 8, 2023

In an opinion piece for the Arizona Daily Star, former director of the Maricopa County Department of Public Health Bob England and Advanced Energy United's Arizona state lead Michael Barrio highlight the importance of creating a regional transmission organization in the Western U.S. to strengthen and broaden the grid to better withstand extreme weather and avoid large-scale blackouts.

A study published in late May projected that if Arizona’s electric grid fails during a summer heat wave (like the one we are in right now), it could lead to more than 12,000 deaths and send nearly 800,000 Phoenix residents to the hospital for heat-related illness. And that’s just within the City of Phoenix, not counting the rest of the state. Those are astronomical numbers, and especially unsettling given that the past eight years have been the hottest on record and the next eight will likely be even hotter.

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Advanced Energy United applauds Gov. Hobbs and Arizona Legislature for using state budget to prioritize building clean energy infrastructure

Posted by Adam Winer on May 12, 2023

National business association thanks policymakers for bipartisanship and for embracing economic benefits of advanced energy.

PHOENIX, AZ, May 12, 2023 — National business group Advanced Energy United commends Governor Hobbs and the Arizona Legislature for their bipartisan efforts in passing a state budget that works to prioritize the immediate needs of Arizonans while continuing to invest in the state's advanced energy infrastructure. 

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