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New analysis shows Florida could save $277 million with a 'Total Cost of Ownership' approach to vehicle procurement

Posted by Calista Thompson on Mar 28, 2023

A new joint report from Advanced Energy United and the Electrification Coalition estimates up to $277 million in savings for Florida government entities when vehicles’ lifetime fuel and maintenance costs are considered. 

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., March 20, 2023 – A new report from national business association Advanced Energy United found the state of Florida could save almost $280 million by considering the total cost of ownership in vehicle procurement decisions, compared to the current practice of only considering purchase price. The report, a joint effort between Advanced Energy United and the Electrification Coalition with support from Atlas Public Policy, highlights the lower lifetime maintenance costs that ultimately make an electric fleet significantly more affordable for the state. 

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Statement on Maury Galbraith’s Appointment as Executive Director at Colorado Electric Transmission Authority (CETA)

Posted by Calista Thompson on Mar 21, 2023

DENVER, March 21, 2023 – Today, national business group Advanced Energy United (formerly Advanced Energy Economy) applauded the selection of Maury Galbraith as Executive Director of the Colorado Electric Transmission Authority (“CETA”). 

“We’re delighted to see Maury Galbraith take on this important leadership role at CETA,” said Emilie Olson, Senior Principal at Advanced Energy United. “Maury brings a strong track record of Western interstate cooperation to CETA and will, in this same vein, ensure Colorado is well positioned to capitalize on the benefits of clean energy growth and resource sharing across the region as we are filling infrastructure gaps here in the state.  With a new Executive Director at the helm, a fully-staffed CETA can get to work bringing the economic and grid reliability benefits of a modernized, regionally connected transmission system to fruition for the state.”  

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Advanced Energy United Applauds Imminent Passage of the POWER Act by the Maryland State Senate

Posted by Calista Thompson on Mar 17, 2023

ANNAPOLIS, Md., March 17, 2023 – The Maryland State Senate is expected to pass the Promoting Offshore Wind Energy Resources Act (POWER Act – SB 781), which would advance offshore wind production in Maryland as well as the transmission infrastructure that is critical to support offshore wind and other new renewable energy sources. Focus will soon turn to the Maryland House of Delegates, where action is expected quickly in the Economic Matters Committee. Advanced Energy United’s Managing Director Nathan Willcox issued the following statement in response: 

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Nevada Current: First NV gas plant in 15 years gets expedited approval, customers likely to get the bill

Posted by Jennifer Solis on Mar 16, 2023

Nevada Current announces Nevada's plans to build a new power plant as a solution to building a more reliable energy source, including Sarah Steinberg's staunch disapproval as NVEnergy continues to cost ratepayers more dollars.

Nevada regulators have approved an NV Energy plan to build a natural gas-fired power plant they say will help address system reliability as weather grows more extreme and unpredictable across the region.

The energy monopoly will build a 400 MW gas-fired combustion turbine – or “peaker plant” – on the site of the Silverhawk Generating Station in southern Nevada to cover increasingly volatile seasonal peak demand. The gas plant would be the first built in Nevada in nearly 15 years.

Peak plants typically only run a few hundred hours of the year – or sometimes even less. Most of the year the plant sits idle and unused. The Silverhawk plant will be allowed to operate up to 700 hours annually.

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Advanced Energy United Statement on Nevada Public Utilities Commission Gas "Peaker" Plant Decision

Posted by Calista Thompson on Mar 14, 2023

Advanced Energy United expresses disappointment in Nevada Public Utilities Commission's decision to approve a new "peaker" plant for Nevada.

Washington, D.C., March 14, 2023 -  Today, national business association Advanced Energy United expressed disappointment with the Public Utility Commission of Nevada’s decision to approve NV Energy’s proposed gas-fired “peaker” plant in the utility’s 4th Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) amendment. This will be Nevada’s first new fossil-fuel electricity generation plant in approximately 15 years, otherwise at odds with the state’s move to clean energy. Every three years, utilities are required to comprehensively evaluate options to serve their customers’ needs at the lowest reasonable cost using a combination of supply-side and demand-side resources. But that same comprehensive analysis is not required for amendments, which can also receive expedited approval that makes it hard for intervenors and the Commission to examine the proposal to ensure that it is prudent.  

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