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Advanced Energy United Applauds New EPA Regulations For Power Plants

Posted by Adam Winer on May 11, 2023

National business group calls for utilities to switch to more affordable advanced energy solutions 

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 11, 2023 – Today, Advanced Energy United, the national association of businesses working to achieve 100% clean energy and electrified transportation in America, expressed support for the new emissions regulations announced today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding new and existing power plants.

"These new regulations constitute an important step towards building a decarbonized energy grid in the United States, alongside federal legislation and policies in states across the country,” said Heather O’Neill, President and CEO of Advanced Energy United. “Within legal constraints, the Agency has proposed the best system for reducing emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants. What the debate around this rule also makes clear is that advanced energy presents the most affordable path to decarbonizing our energy system. At every opportunity, utilities and power providers should be looking to wind, solar, geothermal, energy efficiency, demand flexibility, energy storage and other clean and cost-effective solutions for providing reliable and affordable electricity today and in the years ahead.” 

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RTO Insider: New Mission Means New Name for Advanced Energy Economy

Posted by K Kaufman on Apr 3, 2023

RTO Insider interviewed Advanced Energy United's President Heather O'Neill about the organization's rebranding and its plans for market-changing advocacy as it moves into its second decade. Read snippets below and the full article here

Advanced Energy Economy has started 2023 with a new name, Advanced Energy United, reflecting both the progress the group has made since its founding and the challenges ahead.

The group’s original name reflected its goal of creating an economy powered by advanced energy. Now, although there is broad consensus around its objective, the group says, the challenge is harmonizing the technologies needed to achieve it and breaking down the barriers in the way.

“It’s a recognition of the moment in time,” President Heather O’Neill said in an interview with NetZero Insider. With $369 billion — or more — in clean energy tax credits, incentives and new programs available under the Inflation Reduction Act, the group’s goal is “having the industry come together to accelerate the energy transition and take advantage of the massive opportunities in front of us,” she said.

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Advanced Energy United and Institute Announce New CEO

Posted by Calista Thompson on Feb 16, 2023

CEO Nat Kreamer transitions to sustainability investing; Advanced Energy United President Heather O’Neill promoted to CEO. 

WASHINGTON, DC, February 15, 2023 – After four and a half years leading the Advanced Energy United organizations to achieve historic political wins and record financial growth, CEO Nat Kreamer is transitioning to a new role as Executive Chairman of AMP Robotics with additional leadership roles in his investments at Fairtide, HDM Renewable Finance, and Highland Electric Fleets. Kreamer will remain a member of the Advanced Energy Institute board. Current President Heather O’Neill will become CEO and President of the organizations with the full support of their boards. 

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Axios Generate: First look: Energy group expands its horizons

Posted by Ben Geman on Jan 3, 2023

Axios Generate spoke with Heather O'Neill about Advanced Energy United's rebrand and advocacy goals for 2023. Read the interview below and the full article here.  

A key advocacy group for low-carbon energy companies will today announce a rebranding and expansion into more states, Ben writes.

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National business association Advanced Energy Economy rebranding as Advanced Energy United

Posted by Adam Winer on Jan 3, 2023

CEO Nat Kreamer says name change reflects the organization’s strength as a unifying force for the entire industry

WASHINGTON, DC, January 3, 2023 – Today, national business association Advanced Energy Economy, a leading policy voice for the advanced energy sector, rebranded as Advanced Energy United, with plans to expand its advocacy and engagement portfolio on behalf of an industry with a combined market capitalization in excess of $3 trillion.

“At Advanced Energy United we're bringing together the leaders of the clean energy sector to open doors for the technologies needed to create a more affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy future,” said Advanced Energy United CEO Nat Kreamer. “The new name is designed to better reflect our strength as a unifying force for companies that create and support a goal of 100% clean energy and electrified transportation in the U.S.”

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AEE Calls on Congress To Work Through Differences and Pass a Reconciliation Package That Uses Clean Energy to Reduce Inflation

Posted by Adam Winer on Jul 15, 2022

WASHINGTON, July 15, 2022 – National business association Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) President Heather O’Neill issued the following statement today about Senate budget reconciliation negotiations: 

“Americans are facing historic levels of inflation, driven in large part by global fossil fuel prices. The tax credits in this package would deliver much needed relief, helping to cut energy prices and reduce U.S. dependence on price-volatile fossil fuels, by spurring the domestic manufacturing and deployment of clean, affordable, and reliable advanced energy technologies. Failing to use this opportunity to boost the domestic advanced energy manufacturing industry would mean American workers get less benefit from the world’s transition to clean energy, and would all but assure that our economic competitors, particularly China, reap the economic rewards instead. We call on Congress to enact them as soon as possible.

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