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Overturning Chevron Doctrine Subverts Government’s Role in America’s Energy Transition

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 28, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the U.S. Supreme Court, in issuing a ruling in the case of LOPER BRIGHT ENTERPRISES v. RAIMONDO, announced it has overturned the judicial Chevron Doctrine.

In response, Heather O'Neill, President and CEO of national business association Advanced Energy United, issued the following statement:

“While the march to clean energy will continue, today’s Supreme Court decision to radically overturn forty years of judicial precedent is a blow for effective and efficient government. Technology and regulation go hand and hand in making America a prosperous, safe, and clean place in which to live. Overturning the so-called Chevron Doctrine will invite chaos, inefficiency, and added cost to everyday people.

In light of this decision, Congress must act to ensure that this decision does not undo decades of progress.”

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Rhode Island Gov. McKee Signs Energy Storage Act into Law

Posted by Savannah Gribbins on Jun 27, 2024

Bill sponsors Sen. Euer and Rep. Handy join Advanced Energy United in applauding landmark moment for Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, RI – Last night, Governor Daniel McKee signed the 2024 Energy Storage Systems Act into law, a landmark moment in Rhode Island's journey to a 100% clean energy future. Led by Senator Dawn Euer and Representative Arthur Handy, the Act puts Rhode Island’s energy system in a strengthened position.

“Energy storage is flexible, reliable, affordable, and will be a game changer for Rhode Island’s power grid,” said Rhode Island State Lead Kat Burnham of national business association Advanced Energy United. “Investing in energy storage technologies will drive economic development and job creation in the clean energy sector.”

“The 2024 Energy Storage Systems Act isn't just about technology—it's about people. It's about creating good, steady jobs and making sure our communities have power when they need it,” said Rhode Island State Senator Dawn Euer. “Rhode Island is committed to a clean energy future and we’re showing how it's done.”

“Especially with the growing threat of extreme weather, this legislation will ensure we have the power we need, when we need it,” added Rhode Island State Representative Art Handy. “We're talking about dependable power, more jobs, and a cleaner environment for everyone. It's a big step forward for our state.”

In Rhode Island and across New England, the electricity system is undergoing a transition to clean energy. Flexible resources such as storage will be essential to deploy more renewable energy and meet future reliability needs. Energy storage is a mature technology that can reduce strain on the electric grid and create opportunities for ratepayer savings.

Key Features of the Energy Storage Systems Act: 

  • Storage Targets: Rhode Island sets goals of 90 megawatts of energy storage by 2026, 195 megawatts by 2028, and 600 megawatts by 2033.
  • Infrastructure Programs: The Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank will develop programs to facilitate energy storage adoption across all sectors.
  • Storage Procurements: Enables the RI Public Utility Commission to require distribution companies to procure cost-effective storage systems.

By signing the Energy Storage Systems Act (Senate Bill 2499 and House Bill 7811), policymakers are delivering on their commitments to grow Rhode Island’s clean economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Click here to learn more about Advanced Energy United's work advocating for clean energy solutions in Rhode Island and New England.

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Capitol Weekly: California Is Ignoring a Key Solution To Soaring Rates and Blackouts

Posted by Edson Perez on Jun 27, 2024

In an opinion column featured in Capitol Weekly, United's Edson Perez discusses how embracing DERs, including EVs and rooftop solar and storage, can provide significant resilience and cost savings for California's energy grid.

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FERC To Consider New Requirements for Transmission Providers to Use Dynamic Line Ratings

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 27, 2024

Dynamic Line Ratings use sensors to determine how much electricity a transmission line can safely transmit

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced an advanced notice of a proposed rulemaking aimed at guiding transmission providers to implement Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR), a technology that determines the true, real-time capacity of a power line.

“Transmission operators aren’t maximizing the potential of our power lines, leading to unnecessarily high energy costs for consumers,” said Caitlin Marquis, Managing Director at Advanced Energy United. “Dynamic Line Ratings are one of the most cost-effective tools we have for getting more out of our existing power grid infrastructure.”

Advanced Energy United joined with other clean energy business associations in filing formal comments to FERC calling for more guidance on DLR use, saying in part that wider use of Dynamic Line Ratings, as well as other grid-enhancing technologies (GETs), would help ensure just and reasonable transmission rates by improving the accuracy of how much electricity can move along transmission lines.

About Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR): Technology that utilizes sensors on a transmission line to consider multiple factors beyond just the air temperature when determining how much electricity a line can safely transmit. DLR sensors measure not only temperature but also wind speed, sunlight exposure and line tension. This comprehensive set of data provides a more extensive evaluation of a power lines' condition than ambient-adjusted ratings (AAR), which are what transmission operators are currently required to use. There have been many studies on DLR; a 2021 review found DLR is over 16% more effective than AARs alone.

The draft advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (ANOPR) seeks comment on both the need for a DLR requirement and on the proposed framework of DLR reforms. Initial comments are due to FERC 90 days after publication in the Federal Register, with reply comments due 30 days later.

Click here to learn more about Advanced Energy United's work engaging with FERC and advocating for the expansion of wholesale markets.

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California’s Budget Deal Doesn’t Prioritize Clean Air or Grid Resiliency

Posted by Caroline Grace on Jun 27, 2024

State leaders severely cut clean energy and transportation programs

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, the California legislature passed a package of bills reflecting a final budget deal reached with Governor Newsom. This agreement makes cuts of over $1 billion to critical clean energy and clean transportation programs that make our grid more resilient, improve air quality, and support good paying in-state jobs. The budget cuts can be found in Assembly Bill 107 and in this legislative report.

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RealClear Pennsylvania: The Time to Prepare for the EV Transition in Pennsylvania is Now

Posted by Nick Bibby on Jun 26, 2024

In an opinion column featured in RealClear Pennsylvania United's Nick Bibby urges the Pennsylvania General Assembly to pass House Bill 1240, which would require utilities to plan for electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support the growing demand for EVs and protect Pennsylvania consumers.

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Nevada Current: NV Energy Seeks to Prematurely Recover Costs of $4.2 Billion Transmission Line

Posted by Dana Gentry on Jun 20, 2024

TheNevada Currentcovers NV Energy’s request for its Greenlink transmission project and its latest Integrated Resource Plan which proposes substantial investments in gas peaker plants and renewable energy projects.Brian Turner of Advanced Energy United criticizes NV Energy for its lack of transparency, alleging opaque practices that could lead to higher costs for customers. 

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Rhode Island Powers Up: New Energy Storage Legislation to Transform Grid

Posted by Savannah Gribbins on Jun 14, 2024

Rhode Island’s General Assembly passed the 2024 Energy Storage Systems Act last night

PROVIDENCE, RI – Advanced Energy United, the national clean energy business association, celebrates the passage of the 2024 Energy Storage Systems Act. This landmark legislation, passed last night, marks a pivotal step in Rhode Island’s journey toward a resilient, 100% clean electricity future. 

“With the passage of this legislation, Rhode Island has taken a critical step towards a clean energy future,” said Advanced Energy United's Rhode Island State Lead Kat Burnham. “This legislation not only positions Rhode Island as a leader in energy innovation but also paves the way for substantial economic growth. Energy storage is the backbone of a reliable clean energy grid, and this legislation ensures that Rhode Island’s grid will be robust and adaptable as we transition towards 100% clean electricity.”

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KVUE: Texas Power Grid Operator Predicts Power Demand Will Nearly Double by 2030

Posted by Adam Bennett on Jun 13, 2024

Texas news station KVUE covers a recent forecast by The Electric Reliability Council of Texas that states power demand in the region will nearly double by 2030. The story quotes Matt Boms of Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance (United's Texas state chapter), who emphasized the importance of distributed energy resources for grid reliability during a Texas Senate Business & Commerce committee hearing. 

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Advanced Energy United Congratulates New FERC Nominees on Senate Confirmation

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 13, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Advanced Energy United congratulated David Rosner, Judy Chang, and Lindsay See for being confirmed by the U.S. Senate to join the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

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Opposition to FERC Transmission Rule is Misguided

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 13, 2024

FERC Order No. 1920 “provides states with an opportunity to lead” says Advanced Energy United 

WASHINGTON, DC - A few states and entities have filed rehearing requests seeking to undo the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) decision to improve the rules for how the U.S. plans and pays for long-distance transmission lines. The filings appear to reflect a misunderstanding about how FERC Order No. 1920 will impact states. Rather than sideline the states, as the filings suggest, the FERC order provides a new, formalized process by which states have a role in transmission planning. 

“Households and businesses pay the price when we play politics with our electricity system,” said Amisha Rai, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy Advanced Energy United. “We need states to work together to make the system stronger so that residents don't fall victim to another blackout as we all witnessed during Winter Storm Uri.”

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Topics: Federal Policy, Press Releases, Amisha Rai, FERC

Utility Dive: NV Energy Proposes 400 MW Gas Peakers, More Than 1 GW Each of Solar, Storage in 2024 IRP

Posted by Robert Walton on Jun 11, 2024

Utility Dive covers NV Energy's 2024 IRP proposing more than 1,000 MW of each solar and storage, as well as the construction of 400MW of gas peakers. The story quotes United's Brian Turner, who finds NV Energy's IRP encouraging in its approach to demand and system planning but disappointing in its resource procurement. 

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NV Energy’s 2024 Integrated Resource Plan Fails to Protect Consumers

Posted by Caroline Grace on Jun 11, 2024

NV Energyproposing over 400MW of new gas on top of 500MW of gas approved less than three months ago.   

CARSON CITY, NV — National business association Advanced Energy United expressed alarm that NV Energy’s 2024 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) proposes to increase the utility’s exposure to unreliable, expensive, and risky out-of-state gas, while underutilizing made-in-Nevada renewable energy and virtual power plants. 

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Canary Media: A Western US Energy Market Would Boost Clean Energy. Will It Happen?

Posted by Jeff St. John on Jun 10, 2024

Canary Media covers recent developments, potential benefits, and regulatory hurdles related to the creation of a regional Western RTO. The story quotes United's Brian Turner, who highlights the importance of establishing a cohesive energy market in the West. 

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Topics: United In The News, Western RTO, California, Brian Turner

Bipartisan GEO Act Would Accelerate Adoption of Promising Geothermal Energy

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 5, 2024

National business association Advanced Energy United endorses GEO Act 

WASHINGTON, DC – The Geothermal Energy Optimization (GEO) Act was recently proposed by a bipartisan group of Senators with the goal of accelerating the adoption of geothermal energy nationwide. Geothermal energy has the potential to be an important part of America’s growing advanced energy resource mix, alongside energy efficiency, energy storage, solar, and wind.

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Canary Media: California Budget Cuts Could Decimate Key Virtual Power Plant Programs

Posted by Jeff St. John on Jun 5, 2024

Canary Media reports on California's proposed budget cuts to critical clean energy programs that would prevent blackouts and promote a cleaner, more resilient energy grid. United's Edson Perez is quoted urging policymakers to reconsider these funding cuts and emphasizing the importance of these programs. 

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Gov. Youngkin's Clean Cars Rollback Will Limit Virginians' Choices for New Vehicles

Posted by Savannah Gribbins on Jun 5, 2024

Governor's action echoes other moves to obstruct the General Assembly 

RICHMOND, VA — Today, Virginia’s Governor and the Office of the Attorney General announced an opinion that suggests that Virginia is not obligated to comply with the newest update to Advanced Clean Car Standards. This announcement runs counter to a statement by Attorney General Miyares in 2022 and is a willful misinterpretation of the legislation passed in 2021 

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E&E News: Western Market That Could Boost Renewables Moves Forward

Posted by Jason Plautz on Jun 3, 2024

E&E News reports on NV Energy's intent to join the California Independent System Operator Extended Day Ahead Market. United's Leah Rubin Shen is quoted on the several benefits of NV Energy joining a single electricity market. 

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The Nevada Independent: Why NV Energy Wants to Triple Northern Nevada’s Base Rates

Posted by Amy Alonzo on Jun 2, 2024

The Nevada Independent reports on NV Energy's proposed base service charge increase. If approved, NV Energy will have the highest fixed charge in the nation. Quoted in the article, United's Emilie Olson and Sheila Hallstrom speak out against the dangers of a fixed charge and how this will increase Nevadan's electricity bills.

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