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E&E News: Midwest taps dueling strategies to supercharge renewables

Posted by Jeffrey Tomich on Sep 18, 2023

E&E News compares how neighboring states Illinois and Indiana have addressed the growth of renewables, quoting Indiana state lead Caryl Auslander on the findings of a new poll from Advanced Energy United showing support more renewables in Indiana's energy mix and rules to make projects easier to build.

Illinois and Indiana are separated by more than a state line, time zones and which political party dominates state government.

The Midwest neighbors have also taken opposite tacks to enable more renewable energy development.

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E&E News: Largest Grid Operator Advances Overhaul of FERC Market Rule

Posted by Jeffrey Tomich on Jul 9, 2021

E&E News summarized a potential revamp of grid operation rules in parts of the U.S., quoting AEE’s Jeff Dennis. Read snippets below and the full article here.

The operator of the bulk power grid across parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest is proposing to revamp controversial market rules — a change that could empower states to reshape energy policies to address climate goals.

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E&E News: Ill. governor unveils 100% renewable plan

Posted by Jeffrey Tomich on Aug 24, 2020

E&E News reported Illinois Gov. Pritzker announced a proposal to increase clean energy while improving utility accountability and customer rates, quoting AEE's Jeff Dennis. Read excerpts below and the entire E&E News piece here (sub. req.). 

Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker laid out an ambitious energy proposal Friday aimed at tackling climate change while also improving utility affordability and accountability. One pillar of Pritzker's sweeping plan would put Illinois on a trajectory to power the state with 100% renewable energy by midcentury and phase out polluting power plants by adding a price on carbon emissions. The 13-page statement of principles builds on the governor's call earlier this year for legislators to pass clean energy legislation this spring — an agenda derailed by the novel coronavirus pandemic...

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E&E News: Duke coal plants costing Indiana customers millions — groups

Posted by Jeffrey Tomich on Aug 5, 2020

E&E News covered recent IURC filings by parties, including AEE, concerned that Duke Energy charges Indiana customers millions more to operate coal plants than renewable alternatives, quoting AEE's Dylan Reed. Read excerpts below and the entire E&E News piece here. (sub. req.) 

Duke Energy Corp. is charging Indiana customers millions of dollars more than it should to dispatch Indiana coal plants and bypassing cheaper, cleaner alternatives, according to environmental groups. The groups, including the Citizens Action Coalition, the Sierra Club and Advanced Energy Economy, submitted testimony from analysts and economists last week in a closely watched case before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission involving Duke and how it runs its coal plants as part of the broader Midwest power grid...

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