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RTO Insider: Panel Connects Clean Energy Transition to Boston’s Big Dig

Posted by Jon Lamson on Mar 21, 2024

RTO Insider reports on Advanced Energy United's recent Boston-area event, moderated by United's Laura Bartsch, about the need to overcome challenges on the path to meeting the country's clean energy infrastructure needs, quoting United's Jeremy McDiarmid on the importance of getting people to see the big picture perspective.

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Topics: United In The News, Manufacturing and Infrastructure, Transmission, Massachusetts, Jeremy McDiarmid

RTO Insider: Stakeholders Propose Amendments to ISO-NE Order 2023 Compliance

Posted by Jon Lamson on Jan 7, 2024

RTO Insider reports that Advanced Energy United and other clean energy companies proposed several amendments to ISO-NE’s proposed Order 2023 compliance plans. The article quotes United's Alex Lawton, who speaks to how ISO NE's suggested deviations from the approach detailed in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order could undermine the order’s goal of reducing interconnection delays.

Clean energy companies and trade groups proposed a series of amendments to ISO-NE’s proposed Order 2023 compliance at the NEPOOL Transmission Committee meeting Jan. 4, as the RTO and its stakeholders scramble to reach a consensus prior to the scheduled TC vote in February.

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Topics: Wholesale Markets, United In The News, New England, Alex Lawton

RTO Insider: Advanced Energy United Urges Changes Beyond Order 2023 for ISO-NE

Posted by Jon Lamson on Nov 1, 2023

RTO Insider reports on a recently released white paper, authored by Daymark Energy Advisors and commissioned by Advanced Energy United, that calls upon ISO-NE to make immediate and long-term changes to its interconnection process to avoid delaying state clean energy goals in New England.

ISO-NE should go beyond the changes required by Order 2023 to address the high costs and long delays associated with interconnection in the region, said a recent white paper commissioned by Advanced Energy United and written by the energy consulting firm Daymark Energy Advisors.

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Topics: Wholesale Markets, United In The News, Transmission