A Lone Star Showdown: What Was Decided By the 88th Legislative Session, and What It Means for Texas' Advanced Energy Sector

Posted by Matthew Boms and Micalah Spenrath on May 30, 2023 11:01:21 AM

Texas Blog Post Legislative Session_May 2023

The 88th Texas Legislative Session featured a clash of two forces struggling to influence the future of Texas energy—one side looking to reverse the Texas energy miracle, characterized by rapid development of large-scale wind and solar power generation, and the other side staunchly defending the competitive market, a hallmark of the state's energy system.  

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Topics: State Policy, Texas

New York's Clean Energy Goals are Being Undermined by Utilities’ Gas Infrastructure Investments

Posted by Sarah Steinberg and Nathan Willcox on May 11, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Blog HEAT Act Critical for New York to Meet Clean Energy Goals

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Topics: State Policy, New York

Inflation Reduction Act Unlocks Savings for Utilities - and Consumers - that Choose Clean Energy Over Gas

Posted by Harry Godfrey and Sarah Steinberg on May 3, 2023 12:00:00 PM

Blog Federal funds a game-changer for utility resource planning

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Topics: State Policy, Federal Policy, Indiana

Michigan Gov Whitmer Proposes Substantial Investments in Advanced Energy in State Budget

Posted by Samarth Medakkar on Feb 13, 2023 1:30:00 PM

MI State Budget Gov Proposes Investments in Advanced Energy

On February 8, Governor Whitmer announced her budget proposal for fiscal year 2024. Taken in totality, the proposed budget represents a generational investment in the state’s decarbonization efforts and advanced energy economy, and the Governor should be applauded for such a bold agenda. The Governor’s budget includes commitments to transition the state’s energy to renewable resources, improve and decarbonize housing, electrify the transportation system, decarbonize industry, and strengthen energy infrastructure. Among the broad range of investments in communities and businesses proposed within the $79 billion budget are substantial funds for advanced energy projects and technologies, allocated to various administering agencies using both state and federal funds.   

The investments in clean energy—totaling upwards of $1.35 billion—are summarized below. They represent the next step in the Governor’s vision to decarbonize the economy as laid out in her MI Healthy Climate Plan 

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Advanced Energy Resources are Best to Tackle Nevada’s Emerging Grid Challenges

Posted by Gabriela Olmedo on Feb 10, 2023 3:18:51 PM

NV Energy Won’t Meet the Grid Challenges of the Future With More Gas

On New Year's Eve, Nevadans lost power as forecasted rain unexpectedly arrived in the form of a snowstorm that caused widespread outages. Heavy snow took out power lines and left tens of thousands in northern Nevada without power and in the cold. This type of event is not uncommon, but in today’s modern and technology-dependent world, keeping the lights and heat on is more and more of an imperative. 

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