AEE's Staff Favorites of 2021

Posted by Advanced Energy Economy on Dec 28, 2021 9:00:00 AM


Whether its electric vehicles, battery storage, or better transmission, AEE is all about advocating for — and writing about — the full suite of advanced energy technologies. With our offices closed to celebrate the holidays and refresh for the New Year, we're looking back on some of our staff favorite blogs from 2021:

10. Moving the Chains Toward 100% Clean Energy in the States

By Heather O'Neill and J.R. Tolbert, November 2021

9. In California, Net Metering is Changing. Will It Be for Better or Worse?

By Emilie Olson, November 2021

8. Every Day, Advanced Energy Equals Good American Jobs

By Harry Godfrey, September 2021

7. What Order 2222 Could Mean for Customers – and What Grid Operators are Doing About It

By Prusha Hasan, June 2021

6. ISO New England is Facing MOPR, Market & Transmission, and Governance Reform. What’s at Stake for Advanced Energy? Lots

By Caitlin Marquis August 2021

5. Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2021

By Noah Garcia, December 2021

4. Price, Size, Range: Finding an EV for me – or them

By Bob Keough, October 2021

3. Anatomy of an Advanced Energy Win – This Time, in Illinois

By Daniel Bloom, September 2021

2.  For Advanced Energy – and the Economy – the Time to ‘Build Back Better’ is Now

By Leah Rubin Shen and Tom Lewis, September 2021

1. Top 6 Legislative Trends of 2021

By Sarah Steinberg, December 2021

And one of our all-time favorite blogs — just for fun:

How Do Electric Utilities Make Money?

By Coley Girouard, August 2015

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