We’re United! And More Excited Than Ever About the Power of Advanced Energy

Posted by The Advanced Energy United Team on Jan 3, 2023 2:00:00 PM


Our New Year’s resolution is always the same: to make it easier for technologies to accelerate our transition to a 100% clean energy future. In 2023, our goal is the same – but we’re taking a new name to embrace the spirit of our collective activity! Working together, advanced energy businesses can impact policy so our technologies can thrive, creating a win-win for our industries and for local communities across the country. Advanced Energy United reflects that opportunity. 

The organization’s original name focused on the goal of creating an economy powered by advanced energy. Now over a decade since we launched, there is broad national consensus around that objective, but still an outstanding need for uniting the technologies needed to achieve it and breaking down the barriers that stand in the way. 

With its new name, Advanced Energy United embraces its strength as a national association of businesses involved in creating and supporting all the technology solutions, grid-scale and distributed, needed to quickly transition to a clean energy future. These companies are creating millions of new jobs, lowering consumer costs, and providing clean, efficient, and reliable energy and transportation solutions. These technologies are also interconnected, so when we work together to create market-wide transformations, everyone benefits. 

2023 begins a new era not only for our organization but also for the clean energy transition in the United States. The newly established Inflation Reduction Act, and the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act, present historic opportunities to transform the way our country powers its homes, its businesses, and its transportation system. With federal investments now unleashed, it’s critical for statehouses, governor’s offices, and public utility commissions across the country to commit to fully unlocking all the benefits of the clean energy revolution. That’s the message we are taking across the country this year as we engage, educate, and advocate for clean energy policies with decision-makers at all levels of government. 

Leveraging and building on the relationships we’ve fostered over the past decade, the team at Advanced Energy United moves into 2023 well-positioned to break new ground in our mission. Our organization believes that through sustained engagement we can create and implement the policies needed to achieve it.

No matter the year, we are resolute in that goal. If you feel the same, we invite you to join Advanced Energy United’s work to expand America’s clean energy industry.

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