Our Clean Energy Future Needs a Bigger, Better Electric Grid. AEE Aims to Make It a Reality.

Posted by Laura Bartsch on Nov 7, 2022 3:00:00 PM

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From the earliest days of AEE, we’ve operated under the principle that if we can remove the barriers preventing the adoption of clean energy, and allow our industry to compete in the market, then the businesses we represent will provide a secure and affordable energy future and stimulate a robust and globally competitive economy. Our work at AEE is to improve or introduce policies that lead to new market opportunities for clean energy. Sometimes, however, the barriers go beyond public policy and exist due to a complex combination of policy, politics, and even physical obstruction. One clear example is transmission, and the significant barrier it represents for our industry. If we do not meaningfully improve and expand the electrical transmission infrastructure in this country, then we, as a nation, in our regions, and in our states, won’t be able to connect clean energy resources to meet rapidly growing energy demand, and we won’t be able to reach the goal of 100% clean energy or electrified transportation. Addressing this barrier is a monumental task — and it’s a problem our team knows how to tackle. That is why, on October 27, AEE launched a campaign to enable and promote solutions.

AEE is the only national clean energy business-focused voice in the United States that represents the comprehensive range of advanced energy technologies — including energy efficiency, demand response, energy storage, solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, electric vehicles, biofuels, and smart grid — providing both grid-scale and distributed solutions to meet and manage energy demand. The diversity of technologies is our greatest strength. As we’ve built deep relationships with decision makers over the past decade, including Governors, state legislators, and state public utility commissioners, we’ve become a trusted and respected voice in part because we’ve been a unified force for the entire industry. Through educational forums and engagement activities across multiple states and regions, and on Capitol Hill, we’ve built coalitions, collaborated creatively, and positioned ourselves to engage where our voice matters most. This is why we are moving forward, now, to establish, mobilize, and coordinate a broad coalition among advanced energy industry interests, environmental groups, state and local leaders, and frontline communities. To meet the transmission needs for our future, we need to bring everyone to the table today.

Kicking off our campaign at an event in Boston, we gathered a group of companies and partners to address common challenges and top priorities as we move from planning to implementation. Over the course of the launch event, participants heard the perspective of several leaders who work in their own capacities to support the growth of clean energy: Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Katie Dykes, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Grid Deployment Office Director Maria Robinson (a former leader of AEE’s wholesale markets advocacy and engagement), and Rhode Island State Senator Dawn Euer. As he leaves AEE and makes his own transition to the U.S. DOE’s Grid Deployment Office to focus on deploying electric transmission infrastructure, Jeff Dennis led a discussion focused on the emerging federal policy opportunities and the needed actions in the states to build on those opportunities and move transmission priorities forward. As a group, we also considered specific state and regional policy barriers, further defining the work to be done.

We know that the pathway to 100% clean energy requires commitment at all levels of state, local, and federal governments and agencies. We know that every day news emerges that suggests the challenge we’re tackling is impossible. But at AEE, we don’t believe in impossible. We believe in removing barriers and building paths that allow clean energy solutions to succeed — because we know that when they do, more jobs are created, our economy is more robust, and our children breathe cleaner air.

We invite you to join AEE’s campaign to scale and improve the transmission system across the United States.

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