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Solar Power World: Advanced Energy Releases Guide to Help Corporations Procure Renewable Energy

Posted by Kelsey Misbrener on Apr 18, 2019

Solar Power World highlights a new guide from Advanced Energy Buyers Group that helps states increase renewable energy resources for corporations' access. AEE's Caitlin Marquis' comments are included. See excerpts below and the entire Solar Power World story here:

Of the more than 15 gigawatts of corporate renewable energy deals done to date, less than 2 GW have occurred through utility programs, with the vast majority of power purchase agreements occurring in states that have competitive wholesale markets. A new report from the Advanced Energy Buyers Group, a business-led coalition of large energy users, explains how states with vertically integrated electricity markets can unlock the many benefits of corporate renewable energy procurement...

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Utility Dive: Oklahoma's energy efficiency incentives give facilities a business reason to save customers money

Posted by Coley Girouard on Feb 11, 2019

Utility Dive published AEE’s Coley Girouard’s piece spotlighting Oklahoma's efforts in the last decade to implement energy efficiency programs through shared-savings  incentives.This is the third in a six-part series on utility business model reform provided by Rocky Mountain Institute, America's Power Plan and Advanced Energy Economy Institute. See excerpts below and the entire Utility Dive piece here:

Incentives under the traditional cost-of-service utility revenue model are fundamentally misaligned with the implementation of energy efficiency programs. This is because, traditionally, utilities collect revenues based on the amount of energy they sell, whereas energy efficiency programs attempt to reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing utility revenues and profits.

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