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Heatmap: Biden’s One Tax Credit to Rule Them All

Posted by Emily Pontecorvo on Dec 14, 2023

Heatmap reports on the Inflation Reduction Act's 45X tax credit, quoting United's Harry Godfrey on how this pillar program within the law directly supports advanced energy technologies and benefits U.S. manufacturers producing components up and down their supply chains.

This year may forever be remembered as the start of the American clean energy manufacturing boom.

Since the beginning of 2023, companies have announced more than 150 separate investments in new and expanded factories to manufacture solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, and other clean energy technologies in the U.S., for a total pledged outlay of nearly $60 billion, according to tracking by the nonpartisan group E2. And these factories won’t just be assembling the final products. Entire supply chains have arrived on shore.

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Topics: Federal Policy, United In The News, Manufacturing and Infrastructure, Harrison Godfrey

Utility Dive: House Democratic Bill Aims to Spur Interregional, Offshore Transmission

Posted by Ethan Howland on Dec 14, 2023

Utility Dive reports on the Clean Electricity and Transmission Acceleration Act, a bill introduced to spur transmission development, quoting United's Mike Haugh on how the bill's passage would improve our transmission system and push the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission (FERC) to take action on its pending transmission planning and cost allocation rulemaking.

House Democrats on Tuesday introduced a bill to spur transmission development, with a focus on interregional and offshore wind lines.

The bill, introduced by Reps. Sean Casten, D-Ill., and Mike Levin, D-Cal., plus 74 co-sponsors, directs the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to issue rules to improve interregional transmission planning; provides a 30% transmission investment tax credit; incentivizes renewable energy development in priority areas on federal land; and expands consultation with disadvantaged groups and communities in the permitting process.

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Topics: United In The News, FERC, Mike Haugh

Crain's Business Chicago: Peoples Gas' Pipe Replacement Should Not Restart

Posted by Samarth Medakkar on Dec 6, 2023

In a letter to the editor of Crain's Business Chicago, United's Samarth Medakkar advocates that the Illinois Commerce Commission's decision to suspend the Peoples Gas' pipe replacement program was in the best interest of Illinois consumers, responding to an op-ed published in support of the program.

Late last month, the Illinois Commerce Commission suspended Peoples Gas' pipe replacement and ordered an investigation into this program, which is responsible for an increase in rates since work began in 2011. The call to restart the program in the op-ed "The ICC needs to restart Peoples Gas' pipeline replacement immediately" (Nov. 29) is shortsighted, and doesn't factor in the surge in market trends toward home electrification technologies, driven by consumer choice.

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Topics: United In The News, Illinois, Samarth Medakkar

Indianapolis Business Journal: Indiana Should Not Stifle Energy Innovation

Posted by Trish Demeter on Dec 1, 2023

In a letter to the editor of the Indianapolis Business Journal, United's Trish Demeter writes that the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission should consider the more reliable, cleaner, and more affordable advanced energy alternatives to coal for the best interest of Indiana consumers.

We have the technologies today to deliver reliable, clean, homegrown energy for Indiana while saving Hoosiers billions of dollars. The “solutions” proposed by Mr. Robert Turner in his Viewpoint on Nov. 24 [“As winter nears, state must protect reliable coal energy”] would be a barrier to truly reliable, affordable energy in Indiana.

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Topics: United In The News, Indiana, Trish Demeter

WBUR: Mass. Is on Track to Meet Its Near-Term Climate Goals, but the Hardest Work Lies Ahead

Posted by Miriam Wasser on Dec 1, 2023

WBUR reports on the release of Massachusetts Governor Healey's first annual Climate Report Card, aimed at informing Massachusetts residents of the progress state executive offices are collectively making to achieve climate goals and mandates. The article quotes  Jeremy McDiarmid, who speaks to the importance of the assessment in mapping out what work needs to be accomplished over the next five years for the commonwealth to reach its longer-term climate goals.

Massachusetts is legally required to zero-out planet-warming emissions by mid-century, and to get there the state must do several critical things: Replace fossil fuel-powered vehicles and home heating systems with ones that run on electricity; develop more renewable resources like wind and solar; and use nature-based solutions to sequester and store as much carbon as possible.

So how is the state doing on all of this? On Friday, the Healey administration revealed in its first annual climate report card that the state is on track for its 2025 goals.

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News From The States: Minelands and Power Plants Are Hot Renewable Development Spots

Posted by Robert Zullo on Nov 24, 2023

News From The States reports on a growing number of states converting old coal plants to renewable energy sites, quoting  Harry Godfrey, who speaks on the opportunities for states to create jobs and generate tax revenue through these conversions with support from the incentives designated by the Inflation Reduction Act.

AES Indiana’s Petersburg Generating Station, which towers over the White River here in southwest Indiana, has been burning coal to generate electricity since the late 1960s.

That era, though, will come to an end soon. Two of the power plant’s four coal-burning units have already retired and the last is planning to shut down in 2025. 

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Topics: State Policy, United In The News, Manufacturing and Infrastructure, Harrison Godfrey

PV Magazine: RE+Storage Better Than a Colorado Utility’s Proposed 400 MW Gas Unit: Strategen

Posted by William Driscoll on Nov 16, 2023

PV Magazine reports on a recent analysis of the electric resource plan for Xcel Energy’s Colorado subsidiary, the Public Service Company of Colorado. The analysis, commissioned by Advanced Energy United and authored by Strategen Consulting Group, found a clean energy resource portfolio would be a more cost-effective way to power Colorado homes and businesses compared to building a new natural gas “peaker” plant. The article quotes United's Brian Turner, who speaks to the cost impact Xcel's proposed plant would have on ratepayers.

Storage and renewables projects already offered in response to an RFP from the Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo) would be more economic and provide greater capacity than a 400 MW gas peaker unit proposed by the utility, found the consulting firm Strategen in an analysis of the utility’s proposed resource plan.

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Topics: State Policy, United In The News, Energy Efficiency, Colorado, Brian Turner

RTO Insider: 2023 Elections Bring Billions for Texas Gas, Dem Wins in Virginia, NJ

RTO Insider reports on the results of 2023 notable state elections across the country. In the article, Kim Jemaine is quoted surrounding the outcome of the Virginia election, commenting on the motivation of Virginia voters to show out and vote against extremism in the state, flipping control of the House and maintaining a Democratic majority in the Senate.

Voters Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a nearly $10 billion fund for gas generation in Texas, while handing Democrats victories in legislative elections in New Jersey and Virginia that have implications for energy policy there. 

Texas’ Proposition 7 passed by a vote of 1,641,453-886,991, gathering nearly 65% of the votes. (See $10B Fund for Gas Plants on Texas Ballot.) 

The proposition sets up the Texas Energy Fund (TEF), a $7.2 billion low-interest loan program intended for the development of up to 10 GW of natural gas plants. Some $5 billion will be set aside for 20-year, 3% interest loans to build new generation with at least 100 MW of fully dispatchable capacity. Power plants that come online before June 2029 are eligible for bonus payments. 

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Topics: State Policy, Virginia, United In The News, Texas, New Jersey

Crain's Detroit Business: 100% Clean Power Standard Clears House in Marathon Session

Posted by Dave Eggert on Nov 3, 2023

Crain's Detroit Business reports on the passage of Michigan's sweeping climate bills mandating a 100% clean energy standard by 2040, quoting Trish Demeter on the Great Lake State's affirmation of its role as a clean energy leader.

Michigan power providers would have to reach a 100% clean energy standard by 2040 under sweeping climate bills approved late Thursday and early Friday in the Democratic-led House. Legislators also voted to let renewable developers seek state permits to site large-scale wind and solar farms in communities that block the projects.

The party-line votes capped a marathon day and night of session and likely cleared the legislation’s path to Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who wants lawmakers to act this fall. The Senate, also controlled by Democrats, passed the main measures last week and appears poised to OK the siting bills next week before legislators potentially adjourn for the year.

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Topics: United In The News, Michigan, Trish Demeter

Latitude Media: Electricity markets aren’t ready for long-duration energy storage

Posted by Kavya Balaraman on Nov 1, 2023

Latitude Media reports on the need for improvement for how electricity markets and regulatory structures incorporate long-duration energy storage projects, which recently received a $325 million boost in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. United's  Ryan Katofsky and member company Form Energy are featured in the article, which emphasizes that deploying long-duration storage at scale will require concrete market and regulatory reforms across the country. 
When the U.S. Department of Energy announced in September its plans to  earmark up to $325 million for multiple long-duration energy storage projects across the country, it was essentially making a bet. 
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