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Times of San Diego: Opinion: California Needs Senate Bill 551 to Make a Zero-Emissions Future Happen

Posted by Jason Anderson and Eddie Price on Jun 29, 2021

Times of San Diego published an opinion piece advocating for the passage of California SB 551, citing an AEE's Electrifying California supply chain report.. Read snippets below and the full article here.

The political battles in Congress over the size of an infrastructure package that will accelerate our transition to a greener economy and zero-emission transportation future do not reflect the urgency needed to ensure that all San Diegans can benefit from increased adoption of electric vehicles.

Fortunately, California can take action without waiting on Congress. Senate Bill 551 is a bill making its way through the legislature that would establish a statewide Electric Vehicle Authority to lead the transition toward zero-emissions transportation.

If approved, it would be an essential step in making sure all San Diegans, including those in communities of concern, have access to the latest EVs and the charging infrastructure that supports those vehicles. It would also reinforce California’s leadership — and responsibility — in building the roadmap for the green future that our communities want and deserve.

The shift to electric is about more than just deploying the latest technology. For many of our communities, it’s a matter of life or death. Transportation is responsible for almost half of the state’s carbon emissions, and the reason so many of our children breathe unhealthy air… 

California has already demonstrated that it can pave the way. The state’s clean air standards have long pushed vehicle makers toward fuel efficiency and we have more zero-emission cars and trucks on our roads than any other state in the nation… 

A clean energy transition is also a jobs plan, with the possibility of more in-state manufacturing, battery production, and EV service jobs to build the new infrastructure that is needed. A recent Advanced Energy Economy report shows that California’s electric transportation related workforce will nearly double by 2024. Ensuring those jobs go to communities that need them the most requires that someone be responsible for prioritizing equitable outcomes.

Read the full article here.

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