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RTO Insider: Humility, State Support Seen as Keys to Transmission

Posted by Rich Heidorn Jr. | RTO Insider on May 3, 2022

RTO Insider detailed AEE's May webinar on transmission planning, quoting panelists and keynote speaker Richard Glick on how updating transmission infrastructure can aid the country's decarbonization efforts. Read snippets below and the full article here.  

Expansion of the U.S. transmission grid to accommodate decarbonization will require more humility from developers and active support by states, speakers on an Advanced Energy Economy webinar said Tuesday.

The webinar, titled “Making connections: How to get transmission built,” began with a keynote by FERC Chair Richard Glick, who outlined the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking the commission issued April 21 that would require RTOs and ISOs to incorporate scenarios and probabilistic concepts to develop transmission plans looking 20 years into the future. (See FERC Issues 1st Proposal out of Transmission Proceeding.)...

“The states are going to be resistant [to transmission expansion if they think] we’re being unfair and we’re shoving cost on one state versus another state,” he said. “Siting [is] a big example. But states have other abilities as well to prevent their utilities from further developing what in many cases most people would believe is much-needed transmission.”

Read the full article here

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