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InsideClimate News quotes AEE study, changing energy mix is not hurting grid reliability

Posted by Nicholas Kusnetz | InsideClimate News on Jun 22, 2017

InsideClimate News takes a look at DOE Sec. Rick Perry’s memo request for study on grid reliability, which suggests that the decline of coal and growth of renewable energy is negatively impacting grid reliability, and compares it to a recent AEE/AWEA funded study on the same topic. From the story:

The report was released Tuesday by the American Wind Energy Association and the Advanced Energy Economy, which represents a broad range of corporations, including some renewable energy companies and utilities. The groups had earlier written to Perry, criticizing the department for not opening the rushed grid review to public comment—including from the renewable energy industry.

"Recently, some have raised concerns that current electric market conditions may be undermining the financial viability of certain conventional power plant technologies ... and thus jeopardizing electric system reliability. In addition, some have suggested that federal and state policies supporting renewable energy are the primary cause of the decline in financial viability. The evidence does not support either hypothesis," says the report, which was written by energy consultants, including a former Department of Energy official and state utility commissioner.

Read the full story here. Read the Analysis Group report here.

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