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Advanced Energy United Disagrees With ACC’s Efforts to Repeal Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Rules

Posted by Caroline Grace on Feb 15, 2024

Arizona Corporation Commission voted 4-1 to begin the process of repealing the state’s energy efficiency and renewable standards.

PHOENIX, AZ. – The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), in a majority 4-1 vote, voted to begin dismantling the Renewable Energy Standard & Tariff (REST) and the Energy Efficiency (EE) Standards, which have been in place since 2006 and 2010. Reversing these rules would curtail job creation, negatively impact grid resilience, and create regulatory uncertainty for businesses looking to invest in the state. Additionally, reversing long-standing policy signals to businesses that Arizona doesn’t want their jobs and investments, negatively impacting the state’s economy.

“REST has catalyzed significant investment in the state's clean energy sector, creating over 63,000 jobs, driving nearly $12 billion in solar investments, and delivering $2 billion in public benefits,” said United Arizona Policy Lead Michael Barrio. “At a time when renewable energy is the most affordable option, repealing REST is counterproductive, especially for a sun-rich state like Arizona.  Similarly, the EE Standard has proven to be an extremely cost-effective way to help meet our energy needs, offering $4 in benefits for every $1 invested and supporting a local energy efficiency industry that employs over 42,000 Arizonans.”

Advanced Energy United calls on the ACC to reassess this decision, considering the broader impacts on Arizona's economic and environmental landscape.

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