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Tampa Bay Times: Saving Electricity Employs More Floridians Than Alternative Energy

Posted by Graham Brink on Sep 27, 2019

Tampa Bay Times mentioned AEE's 2019 Advanced Energy Jobs Fact Sheet and quoted AEE's Dylan Reed in its coverage of Florida's growing energy efficiency field which highlighted an E2 report. Read quotes below and the entire Tampa Bay Times piece here. 

Saving energy is big business. There are entire firms dedicated to figuring out ways to lower electricity bills. Others help by manufacturing efficient appliances, installing energy-saving windows or creating better building materials. The technologies don’t often dazzle like the latest iPhone, but they have a profound impact on how much power people and businesses consume.

In fact, energy efficiency is the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. energy industry, according to a report from business group E2, or Environmental Entrepreneurs. More than 2.3 million people nationwide worked in the field in 2018, up 76,000 from the previous year...

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