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"Keep the sun shining on advanced energy solutions": Graham Richard quoted in Deseret Op/Ed

Posted by Industry News on Aug 4, 2014

Drew Clark, opinion editor for Salt Lake City-based Deseret News, published an opinion piece this weekend that quoted Graham Richard, CEO of AEE. 

Being able to turn on the lights when it gets dark is one of the electricity-enabled conveniences we take for granted. But with accelerating concern that energy production is driving climate change, do we humans need to adapt and change? [...]

“Our businesses are saying, even if some view the EPA rules as adverse, we view it as an economic growth opportunity to modernize our electric power system,” said Graham Richard, CEO of AEE. “This rule will drive investment in an electric power system that is sorely in need of it.”

Richard, the former mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, sees electric utilities on the cusp of a technology transition. He’s built up the AEE as the “business voice” counterpart to fossil fuel lobbyists. The EPA rules recognized his group’s compendium of 40 solutions for cutting carbon emissions. They include tools for using information technology to enhance the efficiency of buildings; cost-effective ways for new businesses to enter the electricity-generating market with solar, wind and hydroelectric power; and strengthening the “smart grid,” which puts new efficiencies into managing the transmission of electricity.

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