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Florida Electric Vehicle Road Map Sets Course to Infrastructure Investment and Jobs in the State

Posted by Cayli Baker on Sep 14, 2021

FDOT’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Road Map outlines opportunities for the state legislature and Public Service Commission to act on EV infrastructure, increasing transportation resilience.

TALLAHASSEE, September 14, 2021 — Today, national business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) applauded the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for finalizing its comprehensive Electric Vehicle Road Map. Required by SB 7018,* the long-term plan suggests a number of programs the Public Service Commission or state legislature could take up next session, such as providing funding to fill charging infrastructure gaps, establishing statewide electric vehicle (EV) adoption goals, implementing a competitive grant program to spur private investment, and electrifying the state’s fleets to increase resiliency.

“FDOT has created a roadmap that, if adopted by the legislature and Public Service Commission, would create long-term certainty for a growing industry, improve resilience, and deliver savings for Florida’s ratepayers,” said Ebo Entsuah, principal at Advanced Energy Economy. “Implementing the roadmap will spur needed investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the state.

“AEE looks forward to working with the PSC, the state legislature, and the Governor’s office to move forward with implementation,” added Entsuah. “With the Electric Vehicle Road Map now completed, Florida has the opportunity to become a leader in delivering the benefits of EVs to Floridians in every corner of the state.”

This past July, AEE hosted a tour of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the City of Orlando, which is investing in hundreds of charging stations and adding EVs to its municipal fleet. A recent analysis of the jobs market found that 9,300 Floridians work in the advanced vehicles industry, including electric, hybrid, advanced fuels, and fuel cell vehicles.

*Note: AEE offers free, complimentary access to its PowerSuite online platform tracking all federal and state energy legislation and regulatory filings, plus RTO/ISO policy action, to credentialed media. Sign up for a free trial and contact Adam Winer ( for permanent media access.

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