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California Legislature approves plan to explore regional power grid cooperation

Posted by Cayli Baker on Aug 11, 2022

Resolution from Assemblymember Holden lays the foundation for a better electric power grid for California and states across the West 

SACRAMENTO, August 11, 2022 — Today, national business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) celebrated the California Legislature’s passage of ACR 188, which kickstarts discussions about California’s role in improving the Western power grid in collaboration with other states in the region.  

“As high heat and the threat of summer blackouts loom, it’s critically important that California prioritize improvements to the state’s electric grid and fight for a future where residents don’t need to worry about keeping the lights on year after year,” said AEE Managing Director Amisha Rai. “California and states all over the West are still operating on a decades-old energy system built and designed for fossil fuels. With cleaner, cheaper energy options already powering our homes, California needs to work with the rest of the West to adapt our electric grid to make better use of these resources to meet growing electricity needs.” 

The resolution requires California’s Independent System Operator and other balancing authorities to provide a report on the latest developments in the West related to transmission and regional grid cooperation. The vote comes after a new independent analysis from AEE and Energy Strategies found that this kind of integrated Western power market would create as many as 657,000 permanent, high-paying jobs for the region and save ratepayers millions in annual power costs.  

“California has much to gain by working with the rest of the West on meeting energy demand, improving system reliability, and reducing energy costs. ACR 188 sets the stage for California to engage substantively with its neighbors, and it’s great to see the Legislature recognize the importance of regional collaboration when it comes to our energy grid and achieving state goals,” said continued Rai. “Other states, like Nevada and Colorado, are actively planning for how to build a better power grid in the West, and this Resolution will help make sure California doesn’t get left in the dark.” 

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