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Business Record: Study funded by AEE and AWEA show that renewable energy is an unjust scapegoat for coal industry’s problems

Posted by Business Record on Jun 20, 2017

An Analysis Group report, funded by AEE and AWEA jointly, shows that renewable energy sources are helping to make the energy grid more reliable and diverse. This combats the argument that advanced energy sources are hurting the coal industry, which is actually being affected by dropping prices in natural gas. From the story:

A report by Analysis Group suggests that low natural gas prices and other factors have influenced the market for coal power more than renewable energy and related subsidies, the American Wind Energy Association and the Advanced Energy Economy reported. Energy Secretary Rick Perry had launched a 60-day review of grid reliability on April 14, suggesting the move to more wind and solar power may have undermined the finances of coal and nuclear plants. "Recently, some have raised concerns that current electric market conditions may be undermining the financial viability of certain conventional power plant technologies (like existing coal and nuclear units) and thus jeopardizing electric system reliability. In addition, some point to federal and state policies supporting renewable energy as a primary cause of such impacts," the report contends. "The evidence does not support this view." The consultants contend that market forces and aging resources are more of a factor.

Read the full story here. Read the Analysis Group report here.

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