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Bill to fix interconnection delays stalling adoption of residential solar, heat pumps, and electric vehicle charging passes California legislature

Posted by Angelyn Tabalba on Sep 15, 2023

Legislation paves the way for more rapid clean energy deployment to California households

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA  Today, Advanced Energy United celebrated the bipartisan passage of SB 410, The Powering Up Californians Act, the first bill of its kind aimed at tackling delays in connecting customers’ clean energy technologies to the state’s power grid. Californians want clean energy solutions like residential solar and storage, heat pumps, and electric vehicles (EVs), but interconnection delays are a major obstacle in customer adoption of these technologies, slowing progress toward California’s decarbonization goals and customer energy savings.  

SB 410, introduced by Senator Josh Becker (District 13), requires an ongoing assessment of every investor-owned electric utility’s electrical service and interconnection performance, workforce staffing levels, and grid capacity. This bill also facilitates clear and reasonable timeframes for connecting clean energy systems to hold utilities accountable, benefit customers, and prevent future bottlenecks.  

“Interconnection delays are frustrating for Californians, depriving households of access to the full benefits of clean energy, such as reduced electric bills and increased energy efficiency. SB 410 helps break through the logjam,” said Emilie Olson, Senior Policy Principal at Advanced Energy United. “The bill enables faster interconnection timelines and increased transparency for utilities so they can make evaluations more quickly and speed up wired connections from homes and businesses to the grid. We are proud to support trailblazing legislation that prioritizes the prompt delivery of affordable clean energy to households and critical infrastructure for electrified vehicle fleets. 

Building decarbonization and vehicle electrification are essential to California’s clean energy progress. As households utilize federal and state incentives to bring down the cost of clean energy upgrades and technology, demand for electrification technologies is surging. However, interconnection delays, and subsequent project cancellations, raise challenges for achieving the state’s renewable energy targets. These delays also hinder economic development, drive up cost and risk for consumer projects, and block access to critical services and infrastructure upgrades.  

SB 410 uniquely combines improved transparency, reasonable incentives, and accountable timeframes to ensure timely electrical service and interconnection — a thoughtful solution for states navigating clean energy integration challenges. By signing this bill into law, Governor Newsom will build on California’s clean energy leadership and empower customers to make confident choices for electrifying their homes, vehicles, and buildings.  

Click here to learn more about Advanced Energy United’s work in California advocating for clean energy and electrified transportation.

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