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News Round Up: Indiana Jobs Report

Posted by Various on Nov 18, 2016

AEE recently released Advanced Energy Jobs in Indiana 2016, a report detailing the size and scope of Indiana's advanced energy industry.At nearly 48,000 workers, advanced energy employs nearly twice as many people in Indiana as colleges and universities, more than machinery manufacturing, and approaching auto parts manufacturing. Press in Indiana and beyond took notice. Here are the articles highlighting the report. Former Fort Wayne mayor and Advanced Energy Economy CEO Graham Richard says while past energy sources, like coal, built a robust U.S. economy, renewables are becoming increasingly more affordable.
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Election Day News Roundup: AEE's Memo to Trump Transition Team Widely Cited

Posted by Various on Nov 10, 2016

After the election results came in, news media worked to gauge the reaction of the new president-elect in the advanced energy space. AEE's Memo to the Trump Transition Team was widely cited:
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AEE and Microsoft Partner on Legislative Tracking: Round Up

Posted by Various on Oct 10, 2016

AEE partnered with Microsoft to release an innovative new tool that helps track energy legislation as it moves through state houses across the country. Read the press release here. Here's a coverage round-up of energy and tech blogs:
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