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Associated Press: Sweeping Renewable Energy Bill Poised for Final Passage

Posted by Sarah Rankin on Mar 6, 2020

Associated Press covered the Virginia Clean Economy Act's passage in the House as it makes its way to the Senate, noting AEE's role and analysis of positive ratepayer impact. Read excerpts below and the entire AP piece here

A sweeping energy bill that supporters said would make Virginia a national leader in addressing climate change passed the state House Thursday amid warnings by critics that it will carry a steep price tag. The legislation, called the Virginia Clean Economy Act, moved to the Senate for its expected final passage. One of the new Democratic majority’s priorities this session, the bill would overhaul how Virginia utilities generate electricity, laying out a path toward zero carbon emissions by 2045. It paves the way for an enormous expansion of offshore wind generation, solar or onshore wind generation, and the use of battery storage technology, which advocates say will create thousands of jobs...

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