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The Albuquerque Journal: Geothermal Advancements, Incentives Could Help NM Meet Renewable Energy Goals

Posted by Megan Gleason on Mar 26, 2024

The Albuquerque Journal reports on advancements in geothermal. The article quotes United's Michael Barrio on what a successful energy transition looks like and how the passage of geothermal legislation will help the state in its renewable energy transition. 

About 75 years ago in Animas, irrigators were drilling wells when they stumbled upon extremely hot water naturally bubbling up out of the ground. Little did they know, they had tapped into geothermal energy resources. The spot would later become the location of the Lightning Dock geothermal power plant — New Mexico’s first utility-scale geothermal power plant.

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Topics: United In The News, New Mexico, Michael Barrio