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Energy News Network: Despite Grim Outlook, Advanced Energy Could Help Lead Economic Recovery, Experts Say

Posted by Kari Lydersen on Sep 21, 2020

Energy News Network covered advanced energy's role in revitalizing economies after the pandemic, featuring AEE's Illinois jobs data example, quoting AEE's Daniel Bloom. Read excerpts below and the entire Energy News Network piece here

Advanced energy — including energy efficiency and renewable power  — provide far more jobs than hotels and motels or the retail industry, according to a recent analysis by the business group Advanced Energy Economy.

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Energy News Network: A Pointless Mandate or a Trojan Horse? Intrigue Surrounds Indiana Coal Bill

Posted by Kari Lydersen on Jan 29, 2020

Energy News Network reported on Indiana's HB 1414 which strives to delay coal power plant closures, including comments by AEE's Caryl Auslander. Read excerpts below and the entire Energy News Network piece here. 

An Indiana bill moving through the legislature would place unprecedented new burdens on utilities before they could close coal-fired power plants. But under amendments proposed in the past week, it’s unclear if the bill would have any impact at all on utility resource planning. That is not necessarily a relief to clean energy advocates, citizens groups, industrial customers and others who oppose it. Rather, it makes some worry that the bill is a “Trojan Horse,” in the words of Citizens Action Coalition executive director Kerwin Olson, that could become more insidious with revisions after it is passed, namely the removable of a July 2021 sunset provision currently in the bill.

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Midwest Energy News: Illinois Commerce Commission seeks input on electric vehicles

Posted by Kari Lydersen on Sep 25, 2018

This Midwest Energy News article notes how the Illinois Commerce Commission is exploring how to prepare for the growth and impact of electric vehicles in the coming years. The article draws heavily from AEE’s recently released issue brief, EVs 101 — A Regulatory Plan for America’s Electric Transportation Future. Read our full issue brief here. Link to full Midwest Energy News article here. 
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