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S&P Global: PJM Capacity Auction to Run with Complaint Over Dominion's FRR Election Still Pending

Posted by Jasmin Melvin on May 17, 2021

S&P Global outlined pending complaints against PJM’s capacity plan, referencing filed comments from AEE and AEBG. Read snippets below and the full story here.

A complaint seeking action that could invalidate PJM Interconnection's approval of Dominion Energy's decision to pull nearly 17 GW of resources and load from the capacity market will not be acted upon ahead of the long-awaited May 19 resumption of PJM's annual capacity auction, potentially throwing into question the finality of the upcoming auction's results.

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S&P Global: Texas Blackouts May Bring Winterization Mandates from FERC, Shape Federal Spending Priorities

Posted by Jasmin Melvin on Mar 24, 2021

S&P Global covered a recent AEE webinar on February Texas blackouts quoting Jeff Dennis and Suzanne Bertin on potential responses from FERC and Congress. Read excerpts below and the full story here.

Policy activity on grid resilience has seen an uptick in the month since an Arctic blast left millions of Texans without power for days, and the federal policy response could bring new requirements for generator winterization and inform stimulus and infrastructure spending priorities, a Washington insider said March 24.

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S&P Global: Storage Advocates Urge FERC to Reject MISO's Order 841 Compliance Extension Request

Posted by Jasmin Melvin on Mar 22, 2021

S&P Global examined MISO’s request for delay of FERC Order 841 implementation, highlighting AEE and other trade groups’ disapproval of the request. Read excerpts below and the full story here.

Midcontinent Independent System Operator's request to delay by nearly three years its plans for eliminating barriers to electric storage resources' participation in its wholesale power markets drew pushback from clean energy advocates and utilities in the region pursuing development of storage projects…

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S&P Global: Renewables Face 2020 Challenges that Could End Eastern Capacity Markets

Posted by Jasmin Melvin on Dec 27, 2019

S&P Global published a piece on possible challenges for Eastern capacity markets, quoting AEE's Ryan Katofsky. Read excerpts below and the entire S&P Global piece here. 

Renewable energy developers on the East Coast face an uphill battle in 2020 to secure capacity payments as new wholesale power market rules have the potential to force them out of the market. Possibly more daunting than the hurdle this presents for the transition to a clean energy economy is the potential for market rule changes approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to be the beginning of the end for mandatory capacity markets in the Eastern regional transmission organizations...

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