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Politico: A Georgia solar factory shows the promise — and peril — of Biden's new industrial policy

Posted by Gavin Bade on Jan 2, 2022

Politico Pro outlined the manufacturing implications of Washington's latest energy plans, citing AEE's Nat Kreamer on domestic manufacturing growth. Read snippets below and the full article here

DALTON, Ga. — Tucked in the back of a nondescript industrial park in north Georgia, a factory sits as a symbol of what the Biden administration hopes will come from America’s new, bipartisan experiment with industrial policy.

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Politico Pro: Democrats’ reconciliation bill seen as biggest boost for American manufacturing since the New Deal

Posted by Gavin Bade on Nov 16, 2021

Politico Pro outlined manufacturing provisions in Congress' reconciliation bill, quoting AEE's Nat Kreamer on industry benefits. Read snippets below and the full piece here.

Tucked deep inside the Democrats’ reconciliation bill are plans for one of the biggest government-led expansions of American manufacturing.

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POLITICO: Gas, Coal Generators Defend FERC's PJM Capacity Market Order

Posted by Gavin Bade on Jan 16, 2020

POLITICO details arguments of supporters and those, like AEE, strongly opposing the recent FERC PJM capacity market pricing order, quoting AEE's Jeff Dennis. Read excerpts below and the entire POLITICO piece here. (sub. req.)

FERC’s December order to exclude wind, solar and nuclear power from part of its largest electricity market is drawing support from several largely fossil fuel power producers that argue the decision won’t hobble the growth of renewable energy even as it boosts coal and gas plants.

FERC last month voted to set a price floor that will effectively exclude renewable and nuclear sources that receive state support from the PJM capacity market. Environmentalists lambasted the order as an attack on clean energy and a bailout for fossil fuels, but its supporters say the effects on wind and solar — which were only about 1 percent of the capacity cleared in PJM’s last auction — will be minimal...

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POLITICO Pro: PJM to ask FERC for Rehearing on Pricing Order as Nukes, Renewables Plot Exit

Posted by Gavin Bade on Jan 8, 2020

POLITICO covered FERC's proposed pricing rule and PJM's ask for a rehearing on the MOPR, quoting AEE's Jeff Dennis. Read excerpts below and the entire POLITICO piece here (sub. req.)

Officials in the nation's largest power market are planning to ask FERC to reconsider or clarify parts of its decision to block renewable energy sources that receive state subsidies from participating in long-term electricity auctions. FERC last month instituted a strict price floor that will block bids from subsidized wind, solar and nuclear plants in the 13-state PJM capacity market. Owners of coal and gas generation told a meeting of PJM members that the decision, which would boost prices for their power, will provide them with clear price signals to invest in new generation or extend the life of existing plants. PJM CEO Manu Asthana, making his first public appearance at the meeting, said his staff will use today’s meeting to “listen before we decide our next steps.” Rehearing requests are due Jan. 21.

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Politico: FERC to Close Market Oversight Division in Office Reorganization

Posted by Gavin Bade on Sep 16, 2019

Politico covered FERC's announcement to close its Market Oversight Division and quoted AEE's General Counsel (and former senior FERC staffer) Jeff Dennis on this announcement. Read excerpts below and the entire Politico PRO story here (sub. req.).  

FERC will close its Division of Energy Market Oversight, which oversees electricity markets and natural gas infrastructure, and transfer its responsibilities to other offices, an agency spokesperson said today. The Energy Market Oversight division is part of the agency’s Office of Enforcement, but has long included some policymaking functions that overlap with other FERC divisions. Under the reorganization, some of those responsibilities, such as crafting summer and winter reliability assessments, will be transferred to the Office of Energy Policy and Innovation, FERC spokesperson Mary O’Driscoll said in an email.

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PoliticoPro: FERC Affirms Storage Order

Posted by Gavin Bade on May 16, 2019

Politico Pro reported on FERC's decision today not to rehear arguments on Order 841 that allows energy storage providers to participate in wholesale power markets, including AEE's Jeff Dennis' reaction. See the full Politico piece here (sub. req.) and excerpts below.

FERC today declined to rehear arguments on its landmark order allowing energy storage providers to participate in wholesale power markets. Commissioners voted 3-1 to leave Order 841 in place, dismissing a request from electric cooperatives and municipal utilities to let states opt-out of letting distribution-connected storage participate in wholesale markets.

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Utility Drive: Energy groups pan NERC generation retirement report for 'extreme' assumptions

Posted by Gavin Bade on Dec 19, 2018

Utility Dive covers the response of energy and consumer groups to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC’s) generation retirement report. AEE concerns are stated by Jeff Dennis. See excerpts below and read the entire Utility Dive story here:

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Utility Dive: Arizona regulators open first U.S. transactive energy docket

Posted by Gavin Bade on Jul 17, 2018

This Utility Dive article discusses the Arizona Corporation Commission's decision on Monday to open the nation's first state regulatory docket expressly focused on transactive energy. National Grid and Southern California Edison both have small transactive energy pilots, and California, New York and Arizona have addressed some aspects of the concept in general utility reform proceedings. AEE's Coley Girouard, Senior Associate, is quoted. Link to the full article here. Excerpts below:
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