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Ed Dean Show: Interview with Ebo Entsuah

Posted by Ebo Entsuah on Mar 3, 2021

The Ed Dean Show interviewed AEE's Ebo Entsuah to discuss advanced energy growth in the state of Florida. Listen to the segment here.

In March, radio host Ed Dean sat down with AEE's Ebo Entsuah for a segment on advanced energy investments and how the industry can support Florida job growth.

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Florida Daily (Opinion): With Help from State Leaders, Florida Can Champion Advanced Energy

Posted by Ebo Entsuah on Mar 1, 2021

Florida Daily published AEE’s Ebo Entsuah's opinion piece on Florida’s opportunity to bolster economic recovery through championing advanced energy. Read excerpts below and the full piece here.

As Florida works toward economic recovery from the crisis wrought by COVID-19, we have an opportunity to champion something that will bring in jobs and jump-start our economy: deploying advanced energy, like energy efficiency, solar, energy storage and electric vehicles...

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