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Charged EVs: Proterra to Deliver Over 320 V2G-Equipped School Buses to Montgomery County, Maryland

Posted by Charles Morris on Mar 5, 2021

Charged EVs highlighted MCPS' electric school bus contract with Highland Electric Transportation, quoting AEE’s Nat Kreamer on how the deal can aid in Biden’s EV pledge. Read excerpts below and the full story here.

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland has approved a contract with Highland Electric Transportation, a provider of turnkey electric fleet solutions, to convert its school bus fleet to all-electric, starting with 326 school buses over the next four years. This project is said to be the largest single procurement to date of electric school buses in North America.

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CleanTechnica: Electric Vehicles Can Lower Electricity Prices

Posted by Charles Morris on Feb 27, 2019

This CleanTechnica post discusses how EV ownership can benefit electric ratepayers just as much, if not more, than their owners. The article references AEE’s webinar EVs 101: What Regulators Need to Know About Electric Vehicles, which featured a panel of experts including Proterra’s Eric McCarthy, Siemens' Chris King, and AEE's Matt Stanberry. See excerpts below and read the entire CleanTechnica story here:

Regular readers of this column are well aware of the wonderful benefits of EV ownership. However, electric vehicles can also have a positive impact on the electric grid, serving as the perfect complement to renewable energy sources. Jeff McMahon, writing in Forbes, notes that a growing body of evidence supports the idea that the spread of EVs is good news for electric ratepayers.

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