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RTO Insider: FERC Sends DER Data Request to RTOs

Posted by Amanda Durish Cook on Sep 13, 2019

RTO Insider covered AEE's new DER report and quoted AEE's General Counsel Jeff Dennis and Director Caitlin Marquis on FERCs recent DER data request from RTOs. Read excerpts below and the entire RTO Insider story here (sub. req.).  

FERC is asking RTOs for information on aggregated distributed energy resource portfolios in their wholesale markets — the first significant movement in a possible rulemaking on DER in more than a year. On Sept. 5, FERC’s Office of Energy Policy and Innovation sent identical letters to all the RTOs and ISOs seeking data on their existing aggregated DER interconnections (RM18-9)...

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RTO Insider: Overheard at OMS 2018 Annual Meeting

Posted by Amanda Durish Cook on Oct 28, 2018

RTO Insider covered the Organization of MISO States’ 2018 Annual Meeting, quoting AEE’s Jeff Denis on how the current system has evolved as distributed energy resources (DERs) have expanded. Link to the full article here. 
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