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Arizona legislature falls for phony energy reliability claims behind legislation that props up utilities, at cost to ratepayers

Posted by Cayli Baker on Apr 20, 2022

Clean energy business group expresses disappointment over newly passed bill that limits Arizona customers’ access to affordable advanced energy options. 

PHOENIX, April 20, 2022 — Today, national business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) expressed disappointment with the Arizona legislature’s passage of HB 2101*, a bill that limits customers’ clean energy choices. The legislation resurfaced after losing multiple key floor votes in March. 

“HB 2101 was presented as a way to improve energy reliability when it does next to nothing to strengthen the power grid. It’s just a way for utilities to reinforce their control over Arizonans’ energy choices,” said Shelby Stults, Arizona policy lead at Advanced Energy Economy. "This measure won’t do anything to help households keep the air conditioning flowing during a heat wave or keep the lights on during a storm or fire. All it does is preemptively eliminate competition—preventing clean energy companies from giving customers more choice or allowing market forces to pressure utilities into providing more competitive clean energy services. It’s unfortunate to see the legislature fall for such a self-serving ploy from the state’s monopoly utilities."

“AEE is disappointed to see Arizona pull the plug on clean energy offerings before they even get the chance to compete. If the goal is to improve reliability, avoid blackouts, and protect residents, Arizona should be looking for ways to curb demand at critical times and offer a diversity of innovative, advanced energy technologies to customers. Taking these energy options off the table not only shortchanges Arizona consumers but also threatens Arizona’s advanced energy growth and the economic benefits that come with it, all to preserve the status quo for utilities,” continued Stults

*Note: AEE offers free, complimentary access to its PowerSuite online platform tracking all federal and state energy legislation and regulatory filings, plus RTO/ISO policy action, to credentialed media. 

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