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AEE statement on Commerce’s initial solar tariff decision

Posted by Cayli Baker on Dec 2, 2022

The Department found imports of certain solar panel components circumvented existing U.S. tariffs on China.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 2, 2022 – Today, national business association Advanced Energy Economy reacted to the Department of Commerce’s preliminary determination that Chinese solar companies were circumventing U.S. trade restrictions. The investigation found that a number of Chinese solar companies were dodging existing tariffs by routing products through Southeast Asian nations. President Biden previously extended a 24-month pause on new solar tariffs, which is expected to forestall the immediate impacts of this determination on the solar industry. 

AEE Managing Director Harry Godfrey provided the following statement about the Department of Commerce’s decision:  

"AEE strongly supports the growth and development of a robust domestic advanced energy industry, U.S. solar included. Supply-side policies that lower the costs to produce and deploy advanced energy technologies in the U.S. – such as the manufacturing production tax credit included in the Inflation Reduction Act – represent the best way to revitalize domestic manufacturing and ensure we continue down the path to energy independence. Years of discriminatory trade policies have not been shown to bolster domestic solar production, but rather, raise costs for consumers.  

“We are disappointed by the Department's initial determination in this proceeding, but it’s encouraging that the Department has not made a blanket determination on all solar components. We also appreciate that the Administration's existing pause on new tariffs ensures the decision won't have an immediate impact on consumers or America’s progress toward 100% clean energy. AEE will continue to work with member companies and state and federal policymakers to bolster domestic production through constructive policies and incentives.”   

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