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Windpower Engineering covers AEE's support of FERC Proposed Interconnection Rule

Posted by Paul Dvorak | Windpower Engineering on Apr 18, 2017

Windpower Engineering covers support for FERC's ongoing efforts, both from AEE and a larger coalition of clean energy groups. From the article: 

“AEE supports FERC’s ongoing efforts to remove barriers to the deployment of advanced energy. FERC is taking much-needed action to modernize the rules governing our transmission system by streamlining the process for interconnection of new resources. The Commission’s proposed action would allow for more cost-effective and speedy deployment of renewable energy and energy storage systems, unlocking the benefits–like reduced costs and improved reliability–these technologies can provide to consumers and the grid.” – Arvin Ganesan, Vice President for Federal Affairs, Advanced Energy Economy (AEE).

Read the full article here. Read the press release here

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