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Utility Dive: 2019 Holiday Wish List: Power Sector Edition

Posted by Larry Pearl on Nov 27, 2019

Utility Dive published a 2019 Energy Holiday Wish List from representatives of energy trade and environmental advocacy groups, detailed their energy policy "wishes" for the upcoming year, led by AEE's Jeff Dennis. Read excerpts below and the entire UD piece here. 

With the holiday season upon us, many kids — and some adults — are making wish lists. In that spirit, Utility Dive queried a dozen industry and environmental/advocacy groups about their policy wish list. Specifically, what are the top power sector policy developments they would like to see at the state and/or federal level?

We heard from seven groups, representing a cross section of views on a range of issues, including wind, solar, storage and nuclear. But common goals came up: extending and expanding tax credits; increased state, federal and grid operator support for carbon-free technologies; favorable trade policies; and increased momentum toward 100% clean energy goals, among other priorities. Here are their wish lists in their own words, lightly edited for brevity and clarity:

Jeff Dennis, General Counsel and Managing Director, Advanced Energy Economy

  1. FERC, regional grid operators embrace the holiday spirit (of competitive markets): FERC and the nation's RTOs/ISOs rededicate themselves to improving and expanding wholesale power market competition, and reduce barriers to participation so that advanced energy technologies like wind, solar, energy storage and distributed energy resources can compete on a level playing field based on price and performance: The PJM MOPR standoff ends with renewables remaining in the market; energy storage participation is fully implemented in the RTOs/ISOs; FERC finalizes its order opening wholesale markets to distributed energy resources; FERC refocuses on the core competitive market goals of PURPA; and new incentives and planning processes embrace technology to improve the efficiency of the existing grid and focus on building new transmission to unlock vast quantities of new low-cost renewables.​

  2. No coal in stockings: More states go 100% clean: We see more announcements and implementation by states to decarbonize electricity, with states like Virginia and Minnesota codifying executive orders into programs that ensure we meet our needs with 100% clean energy.

  3. Sleigh bells ringing: California sets electric vehicles soaring: The state sets an ambitious goal of 1 million electric vehicle chargers by 2030 and delivers a plan to build critical EV infrastructure....

Read the entire UD piece here.

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