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The Virginia Pilot: Youngkin describes his new energy plan as a flexible approach, but critics call it misguided

Posted by Katie King on Oct 3, 2022

The Virginia Pilot detailed Gov. Glenn Youngkin's new energy plan, quoting Kim Jemaine on how it takes the Commonwealth off course. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin unveiled a new energy plan on Monday that he said calls for a flexible approach.Among other provisions, the plan advised Virginia to unlink itself to California’s electric vehicle mandate. California previously approved a plan requiring all new cars, SUVs or pickup trucks sold in the state to run on electricity or hydrogen by 2035. Last year, under the previous administration, Virginia legally bound itself to the same requirement.

The plan also recommends that the Virginia Clean Economy Act should be reevaluated next year and every five years after.

The VCEA, which was signed into law two years ago by the previous administration, is a major environmental measure that aims to make Virginia’s electric grid carbon-free by 2050...

Kim Jemaine, director at Virginia Advanced Energy Economy, echoed that the energy plan would take Virginia off the path toward a “clean, affordable and reliable” future.

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