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The Hill (Opinion): Make Energy Infrastructure Great Again

Posted by Dylan Reed on Apr 3, 2018

The Hill published this opinion piece by AEE’s head of Congressional Affairs Dylan Reed:

President Trump has been vocal on the need to improve America’s infrastructure, and for good reason. Any American driver can point to a bridge, road, or pothole that threatens them on the daily commute. No doubt, investments are needed to improve the physical infrastructure we rely on to get around and do business, but rarely think about – except when we blow out a tire.  

Another thing we rarely think about is the reliability and effectiveness of our energy infrastructure. Access to reliable and affordable electricity has been the foundation of economic growth in the American economy. Electrifying America was one of the greatest economic development initiatives of the 20th century.

Right now, an energy revolution is taking place that can modernize our grid for the 21st century and beyond. New technologies are showing their value for the grid, and many states are working to ensure that old rules do not prevent them from making their electricity systems secure, clean, and reliable. It is time for the federal government to do the same for the whole country.

Last week, Advanced Energy Economy sent recommendations to congressional leaders for ways to modernize energy as part of their plan to rebuild the country’s infrastructure. Any national infrastructure bill should embrace these recommendations and build a 21st century electricity system to power our homes and our economy…


See The Hill column here.

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